MaverickLabel Scholarship Winners for 2018

by Maverick Label | March 29, 2018

Our 2018 Scholarship Winners

We are pleased to announce our 2018 scholarship winners, Margaret Kleiman on Minnesota and Andrew Stez of California.

Margaret Kleiman

Margaret is attending the University of South Dakota where she is studying data analytics. She’d like to help organizations around the world make smarter decisions through data-driven solutions. Her paragraph about her entrepreneurial experiences (lawn care, snow removal, tutoring) spoke to us.

“Being an entrepreneur taught me some valuable lessons. The first lesson is the importance of hard work. […] Hard work is the key to success for every entrepreneur. Running a successful business also taught me the importance of providing knock-your-socks-off customer service! Treating customers well is the best way to have loyal customers. When customers are pleased with your work, they are likely to recommend you to other customers, which helps your business grow. Above all, I learned the importance of keeping my word. Customers value honesty and integrity and want to work with someone whose word is as good as gold.”

Andrew Stez

Andrew will be graduating from high school this spring, and plans to attend either San Diego State or Seattle Pacific. He was active in his high school robotics team, and took part in a Virtual Enterprise team, where students demonstrate their ability to market and sell a product at tradeshows. He ended up as CEO of his school's Virtual Enterprise team, selling sunglasses made of plastics recycled from ocean waste. The team did so well, they qualified for the national competition this April in New York City! (We’ll be watching to see how they do.) Andrew pushed himself to learn all he could in high school:

“Virtual Enterprise taught me the fundamentals of operations, sales, and managing others, while Robotics revealed how to actually produce. […] As a senior, I joined the Mock Trial team and discovered that making a product or operating a business means nothing if you cannot communicate your ideas. Mock Trial emphasizes the formation of an argument for the purpose of participating in the defense or persecution of a hypothetical defendant in a law case. The skills learned in Mock Trial actually had a connection to my business aspirations because I found that the fundamental component needed to make a business sale is the ability to form a persuasive argument regarding how your product solves the customer’s problem.”

Congratulations to these two aspiring entrepreneurs, and best wishes to them and to all our applicants.