2023 Photo Contest Winner

by Maverick Label | April 04, 2023

Congratulations to the winner of the 2023 Maverick Photo Contest, Godman Power Group!  

Godman Power Group has worked with Maverick Label for many years to create serial labels for their generator products.  

“For many years, Godman Power has chosen to use Maverick Labels on our generator products, currently running in the USA and in other countries. The serial number labels are durable, do not fade, and have been placed on units located in extreme weather conditions. Godman puts their trust in Maverick labels!” 

Godman specializes in manufacturing small, portable generators that are critical in emergency situations and natural disasters when first responders need access to power quickly. Learn more about their innovative generator products here.  

If you’re looking for highly durable labels, be sure to check out our asset tags and equipment labels. Our materials can withstand heat, abrasion, weather, and more.  

Thanks to everyone who participated in our photo contest! Stay tuned for additional contests coming soon. 

Godman Power Group and Maverick Label