75 Most Creative Wine Labels

by MaverickLabel.com | February 23, 2017

When it comes to wine, the only resource a potential buyer frequently has of evaluating the wine is the wine label. Wine labels provide the basic information including, the name, type of wine, quality, producer, alcohol content, and much more. Creative wine labels are also important in order to attract the attention of the buyer.

A creative wine label may stand out among other wine bottles on a store shelf. By crafting a custom wine label, designers are looking to capture the essence of the wine in a single design. With thousands and thousands of wine bottles on the market, it is important to create something that sets the bottle apart.

Wine collectors typically collect rare wines to add to their collections, but some collect wine bottles solely for their labels. Finding interesting and creative wine labels can be a hobby for those who enjoy the artwork and design the bottles offer.

Below is a list of some of the most creative wine labels on the market. There are 75 wine labels in this list and each one has something unique or different on its label.

Our List of 75 Creative Wine Labels:

7. Urban Wineworks

Urban Wineworks creative wine label

10. Saltimbanco

Saltimbanco creative wine label

12. Vitis Vinifera

Vitis Vinifera creative wine label

13. Table Wine

Table Wine creative wine label

15. La Vinya del Vuit

La Vinya del Vuit creative wine label

17. Mini Garage Winery

Mini Garage Winery creative wine packaging

18. Avere Wines

Avere Wines creative wine labels

19. Matsu

Matsu creative wine label featuring aging man portrait

23. The Carmine

The Carmine creative wine label design

24. Changing Lanes

Changing Lanes creative wine labels

26. BYO

BYO creative wine labels

27. Eyes

Eyes creative wine label design

28. Manikay

Manikay creative wine label design

29. Equilibrium

Equilibrium creative wine label design

30. Made in Milan

Made in Milan creative wine label

31. B Frank

B Frank creative hand-written wine label design

32. Motif

Motif creative wine label design featuring colorful geometric patterns

33. Boarding Pass Wine

Boarding Pass Wine featuring creative boarding pass wine label

34. The Tapas Wine Collection

The Tapas Wine Collection creative wine label design

35. Lux Fructus

Lux Fructus creative wine label design featuring sacred geometry

36. House Wine

House Wine creative wine labels

37. Punta Y Coma

Punta Y Coma creative wine label design

38. Sledgehammer

Sledgehammer creative wine label design

39. Root: 1

Root: 1 creative wine label design

40. Return of the Living Red

Return of the Living Red creative wine label design

41. Neige

Neige creative wine label design

42. Maison Chatou

Maison Chatou creative wine label design

43. Nuceria Adesivi

Nuceria Adesivi creative wine label design

44. Nocturnalis / Durinalis

Nocturnalis / Durinalis creative wine labels

45. Charles le Chat

Charles le Chat creative geometric wine label design

46. Imaginarium

Imaginarium creative wine labels

47. Inkwell

Inkwell creative wine labels

48. Stacked Wines

Stacked Wines creative wine bottle design

49. Small Talk

Small Talk creative wine labels

50. Made in Provence

Made in Provence creative wine label

51. BiancoNero

BiancoNero creative wine labels

52. The Tentacle

The Tentacle creative wine labels

53. Help Is Here

Help Is Here creative wine label

54. Helvetica

Helvetica creative wine label design

55. Csetvei Pince

Csetvei Pince creative wine label

56. Cava

Cava creative wine label design appearing like a bouquet of flowers

57. Meteor

Meteor creative astrological wine labels

58. Plum

Plum creative wine labels

59. The Underdog

The Underdog creative wine labels

60. Elk & Wolf

Elk & Wolf creative wine labels

61. 359

359 creative wine label designs

62. Brujera

Brujera creative wine labels

63. Brind Me

Brind Me creative wine labels

64. Ben Schlitter Wine

Ben Schlitter Wine creative wine labels

65. Two Blind Mice

Two Blind Mice creative wine label design

66. El Vino de los Muertos

El Vino de los Muertos creative wine labels

67. Yarraman Estate’s Barn Buster wine

Yarraman Estate’s Barn Buster wine creative wine labels

68. 56 North

56 North creative wine labels

69. Flying Stars

Flying Stars creative wine labels

70. Cooler Wine

Cooler Wine creative wine labels

71. El Gato Tuerto

El Gato Tuerto creative wine labels

72. The Bottle of Wits

The Bottle of Wits creative wine labels

73. Blood of Grapes

Blood of Grapes creative wine bottle design

74. 3 Tales

3 Tales creative wine labels

75. The Fugitive

The Fugitive creative wine label