Anniversary Seals - Convey Company Pride and Sustained Business Loyalty

by Maverick Label | October 10, 2012

Anniversary Seals LabelsWhether celebrating your first year in business or commemorating the 50th anniversary of your company, embossed anniversary seals are a professional, appealing, and economical way of honoring this fantastic achievement.

If your company has been in business for 1, 5, 10, 15, 25 or even more years, that's an amazing accomplishment! And, this is a fact that your customers / clients, vendors, and suppliers should be aware of. One of the easiest and best ways to let everyone know of your sustained business success is by adding anniversary seals to your products, product packaging, mailings, and documents.

There are many options available for you to create the perfect custom foil embossed anniversary seals for your needs. Printed on your choice of shiny gold or silver foil and several various elegant styles (round, square, rectangular, different ribbon styles, etc.), anniversary seals can be created to perfectly fit your business stationary, correspondence, certificates, product packaging, marketing materials, and more!

Professionally typeset with your company name, anniversary year and date, embossed anniversary seals are printed with your choice of black, blue, red or green ink and perfectly compliment the foil substrate to create a stunning and professional label to help you celebrate and honor your company’s accomplishments.

Consumers prefer to do business with established companies and are much more likely to trust a business that has a proven track record. Using custom anniversary seals on your correspondence, products, marketing materials and publications is an ideal way to announce to the world that your company deserves the trust and respect that it has earned through its continued years in business.

MaverickLabel.Com is proud to offer a full line of custom embossed anniversary seal options / styles to help you create the perfect way to celebrate your big accomplishment. Please feel free to check out our anniversary seals page today to get started – or contact our Customer Service department if you have any questions or would like assistance designing your custom embossed anniversary seals.

Mark Trumper – CEO MaverickLabel.Com