Benefits of Printing Custom Warning Labels

by Maverick Label | May 12, 2014

Your business is unique, and you need warning labels that are specific to your workplace and products. There is no reason to sacrifice safety with a generic warning sign that is not quite what you need. Get custom warning labels before a problem arises, and prevent your potential threats. Custom warning labels have many benefits, including the four discussed here.

Warning label layout showing signal word, picture, and message


1. Protect Others

Warning labels protect employees, customers, and the general public from harm, but they require special attention in order to be effective. A warning sign that people do not see or understand is unlikely to protect anyone. The best warning signs are designed specifically for situations and products. Standard labels are great for common situations, such as a wet floor. However, your business also has unique situations and products that require specialized warnings. For example, if the floor is wet with a potentially-harmful chemical, a standard wet floor caution sign is inadequate to properly warn.

In order to protect users as much as possible, your labels must be:


  • Noticeable – A small or poorly placed label may not be noticeable. Pay attention to size, color, and line of sight when you place warning labels, because people familiar with similar situations or products are unlikely to search for the labels. Even the best-designed label is nearly useless if no one sees it.


  • Understandable – A label with poor wording or a confusing graphic does little good. Employees and consumers alike want to understand warnings easily. If they cannot understand the warning quickly, they are more likely to ignore it than to call for assistance.


  • Easy to Comply With – The more difficult compliance is, the fewer people take the time to follow instructions. In the easiest-to-follow directions possible, use your custom warning labels to tell readers how to minimize risk. If compliance requires a complex process, include a reason for each step. Otherwise, people may underestimate the necessity of the process.

 2. Avoid Litigation

Financial security is secondary to safety, but it cannot be overlooked. Litigation is a very real threat if your warning signs are insufficient to protect those who interact with the product or situation. If you make a product as safe as reasonably possible, and a consumer sees and understands warnings, but disregards them, then you have little reason to fear litigation. However, ineffective warnings are a recipe for problems. Customized warning signs are often more likely to protect you from litigation, because they give the specific details needed rather than relying on a generalization to convey the important message.

3. Size and Shape Variations

Your products and business circumstances do not always allow standard warning labels to be as effective as custom labels. Get small labels for small products, and large labels when many employees must clearly see the warning in a busy place. Not only does the preferred size change significantly based on your situation, but the shape of labels also changes depending on your needs. Of course, basic symbol shapes are best observed because people understand common symbols readily. However, the label can be made to fit on or around special product features, such as buttons. This permits your label to fit on the most desirable surface rather than working around surfaces that can support a traditional label.

4. Fast and Cost Effective

Many business owners sacrifice the custom warning labels they need for a less-effective standard label, in the assumption that custom orders take too much time. Actually, orders for customized warning labels take only days to process, allowing you to have your labels quickly. Whether you need a single label or a large order, custom labels arrive in such a timely manner that it is hard to justify choosing an inadequate, standard label.

The cost of customized warning labels is minimal, making them a reasonable option for large and small businesses. Cost effectiveness is only increased by considering the potential problems avoided. Adequate warning signs decrease both the number of injuries and the threat of litigation. The nominal cost of customized labels is worth such savings.

Smooth and Safe Business

There are times that a standard warning label is a logical and effective tool in your business. However, in instances where the size, description, or other properties of a needed warning label are unique, customized labels are more effective. Design warnings labels with your unique products and situations in mind, and then breathe easier, knowing that you are protecting everyone around you. Not only does safety generally save money in the long run, but the cost of ordering custom labels is low. With the help of custom warning labels, your business runs smoothly and safely.