Benefits of Home Security Signs

by | April 10, 2014

Benefits of Home Security Signs

 If there is one thing that many people stress about, it is the safety of their valuables and loved ones at home. The security of the things you own and the people you care about is so important that many people install elaborate security systems on their property to keep everything safe. Security systems can be great for a variety of reasons. If your home looks like it has no security, however, your chances of being burglarized may remain the same as that of a home without security. One big part of security, elaborate system or no, is advertising it. You can easily do this with home security signs or stickers. These signs are affordable, act as a deterrent all on their own, keep would-be burglars guessing as to whether or not you have a security system, and act as great advertising for the security company listed on the sign.



 Home security systems are very effective, but they do come with a price. Luckily, there are a lot of different packages available for different budgets. One item that is extremely affordable, however, is the home security sign. It hardly puts a dent in your wallet to purchase a sign and stick it in a high-profile place in your yard. Whether or not you actually have a security system set up around your home is beside the question; you don’t necessarily need to be subscribed to a security company in order to post a security sign in your yard. If you do have a security system in place, you may be able to add to that security by clearly advertising that your home is protected. Placing a sign in your yard or a sticker in a clearly visible location is basically a win-win.


 The whole point of having a security system around your home is to deter people from breaking in. That is exactly what a home security sign can do. People see that sign and understand that your home is protected. If they choose to try to break into your home, they run the risk of setting off the alarm and getting caught by the police. Homes that advertise their security are less likely to get burgled than homes that have no home security sign.

 Keep Them Guessing

 As mentioned previously, you do not necessarily need to have a home security in place and monitored by a security company in order to place a sign in your yard that indicates such. Not everyone knows this, but knowing may not matter. When a home security sign is in the yard, that home may or may not have a security system in place. A would-be burglar might choose to ignore the sign, but there is a greater chance that he or she will simply walk away. There are not many burglars that would choose to accidentally set off an alarm. Security signs can be a way of telling thieves which houses to avoid, thus reducing the chance that a burglary will occur.

 Great for the Security Company

 Why would a security company let their name be used in the yards of customers that are not actually using their services? Free advertising. Security companies want to get their names noticed. People that see a sign in a yard do not know for certain if a home is actually using a security company’s service, but it might still convince some people to look into it. Most companies might not mind because people end up seeing their name, and it didn’t cost the company anything to do it.

Whether or not you actually have a working security system or subscription to a security company’s services, there are a lot of benefits that a home security sign can bring to your home. The most important thing to keep in mind is that homes that clearly display a home security sign or sticker are less likely to be broken into than homes that do not display any security signs. Another thing to keep in mind is that a sign is very affordable—usually costing only a few dollars. A few dollars may not be much to sacrifice over peace of mind and a lower risk of burglary. If you are looking for an affordable way to help protect your home or supplement your current security system, consider investing in a home security sign for your front yard.