Benefits of Promoting Made In USA Labels

by Maverick Label | April 11, 2014

Benefits of Promoting Made in the USA

 Are you in the habit of inspecting the products that you purchase to see where they were actually manufactured? Some people might not think to do this very often, but it actually might surprise a lot of people to discover that everything from the bed linens they purchase to the produce they bring home comes from places outside of the USA. Although this might not concern some people, there are actually a lot of customers out there that pay attention to this. If you are part of a business that makes products here in the USA, there can be a lot of benefits to proudly promoting that your product was manufactured here with Made In USA labels. Some of these benefits include that there is currently an American-made movement happening, it can be attractive to international tourists, people will know your products were made in the USA because you promote it, and people may inherently understand more about your product.    

Made In USA Labels

There is a Movement Happening

How and where your products are made is important for many different reasons. The process matters to many customers. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the production of goods in other countries, including the wages that workers receive, the working conditions, and the quality of the product. In an effort to make a statement about human rights, some people choose to boycott certain products that are made in certain countries. Other US citizens might be more concerned about the economic principles of buying locally. Either way, there is a movement that is growing around the country concerning the country of origin for products. When you use a Made in the USA label on your products, your customers can clearly see that your products were made here, and thus they are supporting a local business with employees in the USA.

Attractive to International Tourists

You don’t want to overlook the souvenir aspect of American-made products. International tourists often look for souvenirs for themselves or for loved ones that are made in the USA. Buying products that were manufactured in a foreign country can seem counterproductive to purchasing a true souvenir from the United States. Your business may have a much easier time attracting international customers by promoting that your products really are made in the US, and thus can serve as a great souvenir, by displaying Made In USA labels.

If You Promote With Made IN USA Labels, Then People Will Know

While some customers might blindly purchase items without a second thought about the country of origin, other customers are a little more aware. Some may actively look for the Made in USA label or other information that says where the product was made. If there is nothing on the product that says where it was made, confusion can ensue. If a customer who wishes only to purchase American-made products cannot tell if a product was made in the US, he or she may decide to pass on purchasing it. When you actively promote that your product is American-made, with Made In USA labels, then customers will know it. Those who are concerned with purchasing only American-made items can then do so with confidence.

People May Understand More About the Product

When your goods proudly sport a Made in USA label, it says a lot more than just those three printed words. Customers can know that, since your product was made in the US, purchasing that product means supporting US jobs and businesses. They know that, since there are laws that govern working conditions in the United States, the people involved in making the product were fairly paid and probably in a safe working environment. It is also hopefully quite clear that the product is of good quality and will do what it is supposed to do.

There are a lot of benefits to promoting that your business’ products were made in the USA with made In USA labels. The country of origin for products is becoming increasingly important to many customers around the US for many different reasons. By putting Made in USA labels on your goods, you are saying that your product was made by people in the US—which says a lot about working conditions, wages, and maybe even the materials used. If you wish to appeal to the patriotic side of your customers and let them know that your products support US jobs and businesses, you might consider promoting that your items are made in the good old United States of America with good old fashioned Made In USA labels!