Dogs of MaverickLabel, Part 4 - Caution

by | July 12, 2018

Dogs of MaverickLabel, Part 4 - Caution

We didn’t do anything special for National Take Your Dog to Work Day on June 22 – mostly because we celebrate it every workday of the year. is very pet-friendly. Of course, all the dogs who "work" here must be well-socialized and their owners must be the responsible type. We usually have at least one dog per day at work; we’ve had as many as four at once: Sookie, Tully, Sadie, and Caution.

Let's Talk about Caution

Oh, my goodness, Caution – he’s a caution, all right. A happy and people-oriented 7-year-old silver dapple dachshund, Caution started coming into the office earlier this year. Patrick (Production) could no longer bear the sad face he was closing the door on each morning. Caution actually belongs to one of his housemates, but Patrick was the last to leave the house each day and so was the one treated to the reproachful looks. Patrick caved to the doggie pressure, and we added another sweet little face to the office.

[su_carousel source="media: 3653,3655,3657,3658,3656,3651,3654" autoplay="1000"]Caution's first few days at work were a bit iffy, as there is a lot of noise in the Production area, what with printers and cutters and laminators and the like. But he’s an old pro now. He even has a personalized little home under one of the printer stands. (Note the "Caution" tape!) He's a burrower, so he has lots of blankets in there to dig down into.

As a side note: The dogs we bring into work can’t be thrown for a loop by noise, other dogs, or lots of activity – those can all be stressors for dogs who aren’t properly acclimated. As a pet-friendly office, we don't have to worry about dogs fretting because their owner is in a meeting. Someone's always willing to pet sit. Even so, not every dog is cut out to be a workplace pooch; we're glad Caution made the grade!

Happy Dog, Happy Workplace

Everyone loves Caution, but if he’s not in his little home, the first place to look is with Sadie and Alison in Shipping. As you can see, they let him ride the cart that takes jobs from Post-Production to Shipping. He likes the front desk, where he can monitor all the UPS, Fedex, and USPS pickups and deliveries. There's always a bacon treat bag in Shipping, too (all the dogs make a stop here). Life is tough for those MaverickLabel pups, let me tell you!