Celebrate National Sticker Day 2020

by Maverick Label | January 13, 2020

National Sticker Day is January 13 each year (Monday this year). What’s the difference between a label and a sticker? Well, many people do use the terms interchangeably, but we think if it supplies product information, that's a label and if it’s just for fun, or supplies general or promotional information it's a sticker.

To an extent, bumper stickers are the original “stickers.” There’s really no better way than a bumper sticker to tout your student’s grades or make sarcastic remarks about another’s driving habits.

But bumper stickers have gradually been evolving. The long rectangles of the past are giving way to ovals and other shapes, and getting smaller. Perhaps it’s part of the evolution in car design and the diminishing bumper. You still see plenty of bumper stickers, but other types of smaller commercial, promotional, or “statement” stickers are increasing in popularity.

Great for Promotions

A smaller sticker may be more versatile. People put stickers in so many places that a bumper sticker just can’t fit - water bottles, bike helmets, phone or computer cases, skateboards, school lockers - or in locations, like car windows, where it’s best to have a transparent background. When they’re fun and colorful, people like to collect them, and the smaller size makes that easier, too.

In addition, companies have recognized the value in getting their brand out into the world, maybe in unexpected places. So many people collect souvenirs of their travels or adventures, but are trying to make them more light-weight and easy to manage or display.

National Parks promotional sticker - The Wave

The photorealistic National Park stickers (shown in our feature image) are great for this. Park visitors can put them on their car bumpers, of course. But their size (4” x 4”) and bright colors make them excellent choices for a variety of other places as well. We made these stickers on white gloss polyester with an  gloss laminate suitable for the outdoors, so they hold up well (although they will fade in direct sun).

Many craft breweries and wineries sell stickers for a minimal sum, or give them away. As legal cannabis sales grow in popularity, those businesses are also looking at stickers as a way to advertise, get their brand out, and keep their customers engaged. It really is wonderful word-of-mouth advertising!

brewery promotional sticker
national park photographic giveaways
Sensimilla cannabis sticker

Motivational, Too

In addition to the promotional aspect of stickers, there’s also the motivational and community-building aspect. I love seeing the “I Voted” stickers around town during an election, or the “I Donated Blood” ones.

I’m a fan of the Thought Factory podcast stickers, on perforated paper for easy tear-off and hand-out. The simple, clean graphics and colors make this sticker stand out no matter where you put it. 

Bike Atlanta has very simple stickers with an Instagram account listed. Interested individuals can follow their adventures there, or look up their reddit site, where they share information on their city’s bike-friendly routes and “all things cycling” in the Atlanta metro area.

Thought Factory podcast
donate blood motivational sticker
Comic book shop promotional sticker
Bike Atlanta promo

Order Yours in 2020

Stickers are an inexpensive, easy way to get your organization, group, or brand out into the public eye, to please your patrons with a giveaway or inexpensive souvenir, and to spread the word about your service, products, or other offering. We offer a number of different options for stickers.

Bumper stickers - want a traditional rectangular bumper sticker, or the more trendy oval? Check out our bumper stickers; they’re even available in repositionable or removable materials.

Process color stickers - The national park stickers are process color labels (also known as full color or CMYK). You can order process color labels in five different shapes, or your own custom shape and size (no die charge).  Request them as individual pieces, for easy handout. You can also add a laminate to make them more weather-resistant. 

Affordable stickers - the most inexpensive sticker option, can be ordered on a roll, with perforations. The BikeATL, Thought Factory, and “I Donated Blood” labels are from our affordable line. You can order affordable labels in eight different shapes and a large variety of sizes, with up to 3 colors.