Congratulations to our 2016 College Scholarship Winners!

by Maverick Label | March 14, 2016

Starting this year, offered a $750 college scholarship to students currently enrolled or planning to attend in the upcoming 2016 school year to help cover some education expenses. Founded on the tenets of entrepreneurialism and innovation, wants to see more young people enter this arena and succeed. We know that continuing education takes time and money, so we looked at applicants who are highly motivated with an entrepreneurial spirit when selecting our winners.

Winner #1: Tony Nguyen

College: California Polytechnic State University

Degree: Architectural Engineering

Excerpt from essay: “As an architectural engineer, I would apply architecture and engineering principles to the construction, planning, and design of buildings and other structures. I hope that I will have the opportunity to work with architects and civil engineers in creating buildings and structures that can make my community a better place in my future. Ultimately, earning a college education has always been of great importance to me and my family because it can ensure a happy future. To achieve this dream, I have made numerous academic goals to set a path for my career goal, which is to own an architecture and engineering firm as an architectural engineer to improve my local community’s infrastructure and skyline in hopes of making it better for all those around me.”

Winner #2: Zuri Kawooya

College: Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

Degree: Illustration

Excerpt from essay: “Art is a very important part of our world—without it, there would be a lot less beauty and originality. By creating art, I feel that I am making a difference; adding a little more beauty to the world. People need something bright in their lives; something that gives them joy and encouragement, and someday my art will do that. I will show the world that it is possible to make a living as an artist, and that artists are important and can make a large impact on both individual people’s lives and entire communities. I will continue to work hard, do my best, and remain confident that my goals can be achieved.”

We will be accepting applications for the 2017 school year starting Jan. 1, 2017 with the final deadline of Mar. 1, 2017.