Dogs of, Part 1

by | November 13, 2017

One of the great things about working for is the flexibility afforded to our employees. Some of us have tasks that allow us to work from home at least some of the time (not our press operators, of course!), and when we are in the office, most of us have our own work space. Because of this, well-behaved dogs have been able to join staff in their offices for years. (Dogs do not roam free, and so far allergies have not been a big issue.)

Studies have shown that pets stimulate creativity, decrease employee sick days, increase productivity, and alleviate stress. MaverickLabel staff who bring their dog to work get used to people dropping by to talk, not to them, but to their pet. Of course, all the dogs here at work must be easy-going (barkers or growlers need not apply), and their human is responsible for cleaning up any messes anywhere in or around the workplace. Squeaky toys are kept to a minimum ... most days.

We plan to profile the dogs of in an ongoing series.

Sookie - Our Senior Dog

Sookie PoodleWe’ll start with our grand old dame, Sookie, a rescued miniature poodle. Sookie is almost 16 years old (!) and only weighs in at about 5 pounds, but she rules the roost completely. And looking at that face, it’s no wonder! She comes in most days with her human, Traci, who works in Production. Traci's office is set up with a baby gate to keep Sookie from wandering too far. The bars have had to be modified a few times, though, as she is pretty good at slipping through the cracks.

Sookie comes from the Seattle Animal Shelter, where she spent some time in foster care before Traci brought her home and made her life cushy and comfy. She's been coming into work for almost 6 years now.

Here in the pink-hoodie picture, she is being held by her second-favorite human at MaverickLabel, Jim, head of Customer Service. She frequently ends up in his office, where she helps lighten his load of phone calls and executive decisions. Plus, she's a handy size for his in-office weight training! (Carry her around for a bit, and you'd swear she weighs more than five pounds.)

Sookie behind barsThe other is a glimpse of her through her “prison” bars. The Beware of Dog sign is mostly a joke (“Be Aware of Dog” might be better), but you don’t want to try and take anything away from this feisty little dynamo, either.

Sookie enjoys lamb lung treats and scampering down the office hallways when she has made good her escape from Traci’s office. She can move pretty quickly for an old girl!

There are countless benefits to pet ownership - Adopt a pet and save a life. You can learn more about adopting a senior dog at the Senior Dogs Project (worldwide) or Old Dog Haven in Washington state.

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