Dogs of MaverickLabel, Part 2

by | February 08, 2018

Dogs at Work

Studies have shown that pets stimulate creativity, decrease employee sick days, increase productivity, and alleviate stress. Turns out, if you bring your dog to work at MaverickLabel, you better get used to people dropping by to talk, not to you, but to your pet. All our dogs in the office are easy-going and have a responsible human to clean up after them and watch for issues. Squeaky toys are kept to a minimum ... most days.

Sadie - Belle of the Ball

Sadie TrumperContinuing our series on the dogs who frequent our offices, today we’re highlighting sweet Sadie with the golden curls. Sadie is, theoretically at least, Mark’s golden doodle, but everyone loves her. She spends most of her time in the Sales office with the sales team of Matt, Julie, and Stacy. At three, she’s still very wiggly and high energy, and she’s always hoping for a new best friend to come in the door. She may have been the smallest in her litter, but she has a big, big personality. And that tail can go a mile a minute!

Sadie only comes to work once or twice a week, usually for a half-day. She likes long walks and attention from human visitors in the Sales office. Treats and games of fetch are at the top of the list as well. When this happy-go-lucky girl is excited, she yodels quite enthusiastically - so if you’re one of our customers and have heard some happy dog sounds in the background when talking to Matt, Stacy, or Julie on the phone, you’ve heard our love bug Sadie greeting another human.

Look at that face - how can you resist?!

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