Dogs of MaverickLabel, Part 3 - Tully Shepherd

by | April 06, 2018

Tully Wayne Shepherd

Tully Shepherd looking angelicParty boy Tully Wayne Shepherd is the subject of our third installment of the Dogs of MaverickLabel. Tully is a 9-year old Australian Shepherd. Yes, he is smart (and he knows it). He even has his own Facebook page, although he's so busy he doesn't update it very often. It mostly consists of pictures of him on the beach, hiking in the woods, playing, or being picturesque while waiting for something to happen. He's very photogenic.

He generally only comes into the office for half a day, as he is too high-energy for his human’s work space. Just because the office is friendly to dogs doesn't mean the dogs are always content to be there. Staying in one place can be boring! Alanna, his human, is our help-desk person and is in and out of her office all the time. People have gotten used to her being trailed by a fuzzy creature with an endearing grin. She is working with him on off-leash and at-a-distance commands; he's pretty good at it. (Thankfully, there aren't many squirrels in our office space - that might make a difference!)

He's a Clown

[caption id="attachment_3413" align="alignright" width="200"]Tully Shepherd pays attention Tully pays complete attention to whatever Stacy is doing. Treats are involved.[/caption]

Tully especially loves coming in early to work. He can chase his stuffed chipmunk or hedgehog down the long hallways and charge around squeaking it loudly without disturbing too many people. Patrick, In Production, is only too happy to assist him in this endeavor, with help from Sadie and Alison. Stacy, in Sales, also spoils him rotten, so he’s always thrilled to go into the Sales office space. He’ll run right to her desk, sit down in front of her, and endeavor to look as if he is starving. It works every time. (I took both these pictures in the Sales office, with Tully looking soulfully at Stacy - as she prepared to spoil him once again.)

Dogs in the workplace can relieve stress, create connections between coworkers, and increase cohesion and trust. Dog owners should know their dogs and be aware of how the office environment affects them. The dog should have a good time, too, while providing these benefits to the staff. Tully always has a great time at the office, but says he is happy to go home after half a day - but maybe that's because he's full of treats and needs a nap in a quiet place?!