Dogs of MaverickLabel, part 5 - August

by | February 07, 2019

Dogs in the Office

Employees at MaverickLabel can bring in their well-socialized and well-behaved dogs to work for some or all of the day. Studies show that pets in the workplace may result in lower levels of stress, improved morale, and overall friendlier vibes. According to a study published by Scientific American, the presence of a pet in the workplace can encourage employees to be more productive, cooperative, and communicative. (This report should be required reading for those considering adopting a pet policy at work, by the way.)

Finding August

We’ve been profiling the dogs who visit MaverickLabel over the course of the last year, and we have a newcomer now, August. August started out as a stray near Louanne’s house. She noticed him and a companion dog around her neighborhood, and a neighbor told her they had been running free for several weeks. She ended up trapping both dogs with the help of neighbors and friends, and brought them in to the local shelter.

One of the dogs was adopted as soon as his hold period was up, but August was still available when Louanne checked several days later, so she and her partner took him home to join their other dog, Howie. Howie is too nervous to come into the office, but Louanne decided to let August give the office a try.

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Right at Home

As you can see, he settled right in. He generally stays in the IT area, even when Louanne (Systems & Graphics Project Mgr) has meetings elsewhere. It's a nice quiet location - and he gets treats here on a regular basis! Plus, he has fallen in love with Louanne’s chair, his favorite place to nap.

August appears to be mostly (if not completely) an Australian Terrier, and like a true terrier, likes to have his nose in everything. All items coming into IT are subject to the “border patrol” of our cute little terrier. He also loves our carpeting, where he rolls every day once his outdoor jacket is removed!

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