Employee Office Theft Statistics

by MaverickLabel.com | June 26, 2013

Updated statistical employee theft data & infographic at "Protecting Your Business Assets" (March 2019).

Would you believe that over $994,000,000 (that’s Billion with a “B”) per year is attributed to employees stealing? Office theft is not just a thing of the past, it’s a rising concern and problem for most businesses and during economic downturns employee theft rises substantially.

The infographic below demonstrates the facts about office theft. It’s not just paper clips, pens, and paper. Companies have reported expensive electronics and office equipment as stolen. These five finger discounts are more likely to be taken by men than women and those most guilty, or biggest offenders, are employees with a bachelor’s degree.

Office theft is not just isolated to stealing from the company itself as employees have reported personal items have mysteriously gone missing. Have you ever had your lunch or drink missing from the company break room refrigerator?

Reported in the Huffington Post, “Last year, 43 per cent of people admitted to taking things from work to keep for personal use, according to an AOL Jobs survey. Eighteen per cent of people claimed to have stolen items valued over $50.

One of the easiest ways to protect against office theft is by clearly labeling items - whether from the company side by using asset tags, or from the personal side by simply putting your name on your belongings.

Above all, keep an eye out, and as McGruff the Crime Dog say’s “Take a Bite Out of Crime” ... you may spot someone taking a bite out of your sandwich!!!

Office Theft by Employees Statistics