Eye-Catching Wine Label Designs Increase Sales

by MaverickLabel.com | September 07, 2011

Custom Wine Label DesignsWine label designs help to increase sales. From a red mailbox to a gold Roman coin... From frolicking cherubs to flocks of dancing seagulls... From ancient cave paintings to ultra-modern art... Many of the labels found on wines imported and sold by Quintessential follow a simple, but still relevant, dictum: the prettier or more striking the label, the better chance of being noticed... And bought.

Wine novices and connoisseurs alike admire the beautifully-drawn cherubs gracing Two Angels Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Syrah. The label's image was taken from a woodcut by the Flemish artist, Jacob DeBacker, in 1591, created to illustrate the "pleasure and pain" of excessive drinking (one could call it the first "responsible drinking" campaign).

A bright red, rectangular label with a small black slit (representing rural Australian and British mail boxes), has become well-known as the highly-rated Australian blend, Pillar Box Red. The woman behind this label, owner Kim Longbottom, is gaining a reputation as one of the more creative talents fashioning clever wine labels. Her winery, Henry's Drive, is situated on the site of a 19th century stagecoach route. The driver, Henry, is depicted in a 1950s Australian postage stamp. Kim took that stamp and made it the centerpiece of her flagship wines. The postal/communications theme informs all the winery's labels.