FAA Changes Drone ID Marking Rules

by MaverickLabel.com | February 21, 2019

Close-up of drone labelThe FAA has filed an interim final rule about where you can place the required unique identifier on drones and other small unmanned aircraft.

What's an Interim Final Rule?

An interim final rule is issued when an agency feels that the rule is important enough to take effect immediately. It goes into effect when published or when the published effective date occurs. In this case, the interim rule takes effect on Monday, 2/25/19. Public comment is invited until March 15, and the final rule may change based on the comments received.

What Changes?

Section 48, subpart C, registration and marking requirements for small unmanned aircraft, will change. The current rule allows fliers to put the identifier inside a compartment, as long as someone can open the compartment without a tool.

2019 FAA drone marking rule change

Current Rule

§48.205   Display and location of unique identifier. (a) The unique identifier must be maintained in a condition that is legible. (b) The unique identifier must be affixed to the small unmanned aircraft by any means necessary to ensure that it will remain affixed for the duration of each operation. (c) The unique identifier must be readily accessible and visible upon inspection of the small unmanned aircraft. A unique identifier enclosed in a compartment is readily accessible if it can be accessed without the use of any tool.[/su_column][/su_row]

Rule as of February 25, 2019

The FAA wants to increase safety for first responders and others who may need to check over an unmanned aircraft. Therefore, the interim final rule now reads: “(c) The unique identifier must be legibly displayed on an external surface of the small unmanned aircraft.“ This revision will enable anyone to view the ID without having to pick up the drone or open any closed compartments.

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Additional Resources

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Summary of Interim Final Rule Change

Comments will be accepted at https://www.regulations.gov/docket?D=FAA-2018-1084 until March 15, 2019.