Get Your 2019 Labels Now!

by | October 25, 2018

Plan Ahead for 2019

2019 labels from MaverickLabel.comCan you believe it’s already the end of October 2018?! It surely crept up on us. With only two months left to go in the last quarter of the year, we’re planning for our 2019 label needs here. It’s good to get a bit of a head start on them so we don’t end up in a panic in late December. Trying to order the stuff we need for 2019 while everyone is distracted by holiday planning = no fun. Not to mention that the delivery services are swamped with Christmas presents!


For us, 2019 is a special year - we’ll be celebrating 25 years in business! So we’re looking at commemorative anniversary seals and deciding which options we want to go with. It’s a fun decision to have to make. There’s a bunch of different options, and we may decide to have more than one anniversary seal for the year. Who knows, maybe we'll have different ones for different programs. Making those decisions now means we’ll be able to start using the decals and seals on January 2.

We may also update our custom packaging tape. Right now, it just has our logo and company name, but there’s no reason why the tape couldn’t also include a “25 Years” notation, along with a thank-you to our customers who’ve kept us in business for that long!

And Other Things

Even if your company isn’t celebrating a special anniversary, there are other labels that you may want to think about prior to the start of a new year. Do you have the color-coded year labels you need? 2019 and 2020 labels are available now.

Are your company’s or residential neighborhood’s parking passes set to expire at the end of the year? You can order both window stickers and hang tags now with plenty of time, even if you decide to go with our custom, full-color parking passes.

We’ve seen lots of voting for local “best of” competitions in the last month or so, too. Did your company or organization receive one of these honors? Maybe you want to make up some promotional stickers and decals to hand out to your customers - or some for your shop windows. “Voted Best of [your town here] 2018” is a pretty great advertisement.

And for those of you who give out magnetic calendars, it’s definitely time to get those ordered!

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