ID MyStuff Labels Let Everyone Know Hands Off

by Maverick Label | March 11, 2015

ID MyStuff Labels Let Everyone Know Hands Off – Its Yours!

It seems we have more and more personal possessions today. Ipods, iPads, MP3 players, designer sunglasses, laptops, cellphones, just to name a few favorites. And it is no surprise that with all of these high priced and fancy items, some can go missing. While some seem to grow legs and walk away on their own, others are “helped” along with someone else picking them up. ID MyStuff Labels can help let everyone know “hands off – this stuff is mine!”

ID MyStuff labels in different colors fanned out in a spread

Avoid sibling squabbles. In busy households, it is common for each sibling to have their own iPod and other gadgets. What to do when one sibling picks up what you think is “your” iPod? In most households, a big squabble breaks out, and one of the parents has to break it up. But with these labels, that squabble is broken up even before it begins. Everyone knows that this iPod belongs to Polly and not to Peter.

Keep the peace in college. Sending Polly or Peter, or any kid off to college is exciting, but as they go, all of their gadgets and items go with them. And as they go, so do other kids, with their own gadgets and expensive items. This can lead up to all sorts of confusion with gadgets and items being confused with each other. What do you do when you think your college dorm mate is using your iPad? Before starting a big argument you'll all regret, its far easier to look at the labels. But the labels need to be there in the first place. That's why you want to send Polly or Peter off to college with their own set of these ID labels, so they can identify their stuff at all times. It also can keep items from being borrowed without permission by others in the college dorm, or even from getting stolen by others in the college dorm.

Build bridges with roommates. Many young adults share apartments, especially in bigger cities like New York City and Los Angeles, where rents are sky high. But somehow these high rents never stop them from obtaining those great gadgets like the best cell phone or those designer sunglasses they've always wanted. Some roommates are terrific, and become your best friend that you've always wanted. But other roommates are just about out of a comedic movie, and seem to do just about anything to irritate you, including using your stuff without permission or even taking your things and just never giving them back. Before that roommate moves in, get these labels and add them to your favorite possessions, so you are sure those are your sunglasses and not theirs, even though they are “totally sure” they have a pair like them.

Mend fences with neighbors. So you're all grown up, with kids of your own. And while you have gadgets and items, your kids are starting to get gadgets and items. Its almost like they are starting to take over the house! And the neighbors and their kids are in the house all the time, and you are in theirs. Your neighbor borrows your tools, you borrow his. Your neighbor's kid borrows your kid's gadgets, your kid borrows the neighbor's gadgets. And at one point, someone says “hey, that's mine!” How do you settle it? Its a lot easier to mend fences with your neighbors, and not to get into a fight over a pair of pliers you think could be yours, when they have a label on them that says exactly whose they are to begin with.