Introducing: I Voted Stickers

by | March 30, 2020

It's time to start thinking about your municipality’s I Voted stickers. These little stickers can be an incentive as well as a reward for doing your civic duty. So many people share photos of themselves on Facebook, Instagram and other social media with their stickers after voting - get your community out there with updated or classic I Voted labels.

Some businesses give out freebies or discounts to those wearing the stickers (although this is illegal in some states). I’ve always likes getting the stickers and it turns out when researching the issue, I’m not alone in that. The I Voted sticker holds social significance and many voters are sad when polling places run out or don’t offer them.

We are now offering two kinds of I Voted stickers. Both are easy to separate from the liner and have clothing-safe adhesive.

Custom Printed 

custom I voted stickers allow for more creativity

Use custom I Voted stickers to boost local pride and connect with your community. If you act fast, you may still have time before the general election to hold a competition for artwork. In case you have an oversupply (although voter turnout is predicted to be high this year), we suggest you don’t put a date on the stickers, so that any remaining can be used next election.

Our custom I Voted stickers use your artwork, with up to 3 spot colors, and are available for an affordable price. They can can be ordered in 8 different shapes and all sorts of sizes. Some places get very creative with their artwork.

If you plan to hand them out still on the backer/liner, be sure to order your rolls with perforations for easy separation; there is an additional charge for this. Most polling places simply peel off the sticker and hand it to voters as they return their ballot. 


preprinted I Voted stickers

In a rush or on a short timeline? Our three different styles of pre-printed labels are ready to ship in 24 hours. We have three shapes for these, oval, circular, and a unique US map shape.

It doesn’t need to be a presidential election; our pre-printed stickers are inexpensive enough that you can use them for student or local community elections.

So many people love stickers, and the I Voted ones allow them to show their civic pride. Get some for your community this election season! Your voters will thank you for it in their social media accounts.