Keep Track of it All with IDMyStuff® Labels

by | October 23, 2013

Keep Track of it All with IDMyStuff® Labels

Its not easy being a Mom. When you're a Mom, you do it all. And one of the most frustrating things is settling squabbles. You know, who ate the last chocolate cookie, whose time it is to watch their favorite TV program, and whose iPod this is. Sometimes those squabbles never seem to end.

Moms are always looking for a good solution to stop the squabbling, and with IDMyStuff® Labels, the squabble is stopped even before it has begun. If “the stuff” has an ID label on it, everyone instantly knows which kid – or anyone in the household – owns it. There's no fuss over whose iPod, whose camera, whose MP3 player or whose designer sunglasses those are. Just read the label!

Any Mom would breathe a sigh of relief at the thought of using these ID labels. There is space to put contact information, so if something is lost while you are on-the-go, it can be returned also. They aren’t just a tool for at home squabbles. But for those sibling squabbles, no one can argue with the fact that they certainly will help avoid a few.

Here are some tips to use IDMyStuff® Labels with your kids:

Fill out all the contact information for your child when using these labels. Your child could lose an item while on a family vacation, just as easily as there could be the frustration over a sibling squabble in the backseat of the car. When you fill out the contact information, remember to put down a family email address and a telephone number that you can easily pick up messages from anywhere. If your child is young, you would want to be able to manage any contact that came through regarding a lost and found item.

Put the labels in places where people will easily see them. Take the time to look at iPods, sunglasses and other items and think about where someone would see a label. Not everyone is going to notice a label right from the start. You want to pt it in a place where people will read it and notice it so they will contact you. If it is an electronics item, this could be near the ON/OFF switch. For sunglasses this could be near the hinge of the sunglasses or the edge where they are held.

Update the labels when you need to. If your family has moved, changed telephone numbers or email addresses, it is time to update your ID labels. Don’t ignore this important task, because without them, your labels simply won’t work. How hard will someone look for the owner of an item? If they try to contact you by telephone and it doesn't work and they try the email address and it doesn't work, they probably will give up.

Remind your children that items have ID labels but they still need to keep an eye on them. Just because their important items have labels on them, doesn’t mean they can leave them wherever they wish and always know they’ll be returned easily. Children should be reminded to keep an eye on the valuable items they have. Most people who see an ID label will return it to the person or to a lost and found department where they are (mall, shopping center, school, gym). Having ID labels can help get items back and to keep track of them better than without them!

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