March Short Run

by | March 22, 2018

Bundling together a bunch of short office stories for March's Short Run post. All guaranteed to have been discussed around the office water cooler.

New IDMS colors

9 IDmyStuff colors

Based on a customer request, we have introduced two new colors into our IDmyStuff product line. In addition to white text on red, black, blue, green, teal, pink, or lavender labels, you can now also get labels with black text on white or yellow labels. Demand for the white labels with black text has been higher than expected; they do have nice contrast and are very easy to read.

Scholarship Applications

scholarship applicationsWe received 249 applications for our two scholarships this year.  Applicants were from all over the country and are interested in all sorts of careers, from bio-mechanical engineering to financial advisor to game designer to real estate flipper, alongside the more usual doctor, lawyer, vet, teacher, or nurse. Some had experience with selling their designs on Etsy or in their dorms, some with small businesses like lawn mowing, raising poultry, photography/videography, or even offering car washes door-to-door. Winners are being contacted this week. We wish all of our applicants the very best of luck. Work hard and achieve your dreams!

Sales Office Move

new sales office

The sales team (Julie, Stacy, Matt) were back online this morning at a little past 9 AM. They were offline from 3 PM yesterday till this morning so that we could move them into their new space. It’s brighter and roomier and all of Stacy’s bamboo plants will be much happier. They’re busy catching up with your calls and emails now.

March Madness

March Medness brackets

While game-watching over the Internet is not allowed, MaverickLabel does participate in March Madness. We make it fun; any employee can participate for free and we provide a prize for the winner.  Here’s some of our wall of brackets. This year, there were lots of upsets and only five people are still in the running. So, no, none of us will be claiming Warren Buffett’s billion-dollar prize this year!

We Spy Blue Sky

daffs and blue sky Bold spring colors

Spring has sprung in Edmonds, and after the wet and cold (and sometimes hail) of winter, it's nice to see flowers around. The cherry and plum blossoms downtown are just beautiful. Alanna (Helpdesk) took this picture of daffodils across the street from our offices last week. If you click on it, you'll see a larger version.