Wiffy Scents Bottle Labels

by MaverickLabel.com | March 29, 2019

Heavenly Aromas with Lovely Labels

Wiffy Scents Beach Bum in a bottle

Ok, we’ll admit it. We’re a little crazy for dogs here. One of our reps put through a big order from Wiffy Scents for brightly colored bottle labels recently. When we learned it was destined for a line of scents for dogs, we were intrigued. The labels are playful and the ingredients were interesting.

And here in the PNW, where our dogs may run through woods and across beaches, frequently in the rain and mud, the idea of doggie “cologne” was a winner. No one really likes eau de wet dog in their car.

We inquired about the Wiffy Scents products represented by the labels, and learned more about them. Better yet, we received some testers. Yum! All the samples we received smell amazing, last a long time, and are dog-safe.

As you can see below, the artwork and colors on the labels are nicely varied, while keeping the same basic theme and brand identity. Really a winner all the way around.

Right Design, Right Materials

Professional groomers use these products (although don’t despair, many of them sell "by the bottle" to their customers). The bottles are exposed to shampoo, water, and sometimes the essential oils themselves. The labels have to be able to handle that. Our white polypropylene material is great for this, particularly with a high-gloss laminate added. These are process color (four-color) labels.

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James Gillespie, CEO of Wiffy Scents, told us, “When looking for a label for Wiffy Scents I checked with a few different suppliers. When inquiring with MaverickLabel, I was very impressed with the prompt response and competitive pricing. We are thrilled with the looks of the label and how well it has held up to the fragrance oils that inevitably come in contact with it. Connie, my contact with Maverick, has been a pleasure to work with and makes doing business all the more enjoyable.”

Wiffy Scents (website | Facebook) currently offers 29 “flavors” of odor control sprays for dogs, cars, and homes, in categories like “Nature” and “Fruit.” There are seasonal aromas, too - like gingerbread, pumpkin cupcake, even candy corn! 

In-house here, we think that Beach Bum works best for party-boy Tully, Irish Tweed for our dapper Caution, Passion Fruit for playful Sadie, Cool Water for debonair August, and Lavender or Berry Pear for sweet Sookie. I’m sure there’s an aroma just right for your dog, too.

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