New Colors & Adhesive!

by | November 30, 2018

In the last quarter of 2018, we’ve added four new colors to our short-run* industrial/equipment labels line. This product line has a large number of materials, with the ability to mix and match a number of specifications.

Transparent Gold, by Popular Demand

Three gold colors applied over silverOne of the most frequent customer requests we were getting was for security “void” labels in gold material. Generally, this material comes in silver. We checked into pricing for gold material, but it was not cost-effective. Applying a gold color to the silver base works quite well, so we added transparent honey gold to our color lineup. This transparent color can be used to “cover” white or silver materials. It works great on materials where gold is not an option – such as our security or destructible labels. As you can see in the image, the transparent honey gold color does not obscure the artwork as the other available gold colors might.

And More

In addition to the new gold color, we also recently added turf green, light aqua, and maritime blue to the color list. It could just be coincidence that we’ve entered into the Pacific Northwest’s “season of gray” but these colors fill in some blank spots in our color palette and remind us that spring, with green grass, blue skies, and aqua waves, will return! These colors are also available for control panels and graphic overlays.

New Adhesive, Too

Elephant grip sticks tight to LSEAs well as these new colors, we’ve also added a new polyester material with super-strong adhesive. The elephant grip adhesive works on most LSE surfaces, including textured plastics and metal. It recently solved a large problem for one of our customers, who needed both strong hold on a curved surface as well as weather-resistance. After trying out samples of several different products and materials, he ended up using the white polyester 2-mil material with elephant grip adhesive and a thick 8-mil laminate to provide protection against the elements. Even with that thick laminate and the highly-curved surface, elephant grip keeps his contact information glued tight to his fleet of rental bikes.

If you order samples of our elephant grip labels, please be aware that the adhesive is extremely aggressive. Painted or coated surfaces may be damaged when you remove the samples.

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* Short run is a printing term generally meaning an order of 250 or fewer labels or other printed items. In this case, our short run minimum order is 1. This makes it great for one-offs, or if you want to compare prototypes using different materials.

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