Political Bumper Stickers: When To Say Goodbye

by MaverickLabel.com | July 18, 2016

The greatest debate about political bumper stickers isn't whether it reads Clinton or Trump. It's not official versus handmade or even comical versus cruel. No, the great bumper sticker debate boils down to what do you do with your bumper sticker the day after the election? When the votes are all tallied, when the winner has been chosen, does the unofficial automobile electorate shed their votes or leave them on?

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While the decision to either leave a sticker on your car or take it off is obviously up to the individual, some people can and do take their decision to the extremes. Case in point, you still occasionally see stickers left over from the 2004 election, and the real diehards are still tricking out their bumpers with Gore Lieberman stickers from way back in 2000. Take it or leave it, either way the political bumper sticker often says something about the driver.

6 Political Bumper Sticker Archetypes, Represented By Cute Dogs

1. The Gloating Winner

You can pick these guys out from deep in traffic. For them, politics is a contact sport and their candidate just brought home a Super Bowl trophy stuffed inside of the Stanley Cup. That sticker is not coming off for the next 51 months, and can hopefully make it the full eight years. These drivers likely have reserve stickers in case the first gets dirty, ripped, or torn.[/su_animate]

cute dog holding trophy with gold medal around neck 


2. The Bitter Loser

The Bitter Loser is a close cousin to the Gloating Winner, except, you know, without the winning part. This person will keep their sticker on their car as evidence. That's the kind of proof you can point to when something, anything goes wrong in Washington. It's the kind of evidence that says, "Don't blame me, I voted for the other guy." Often, they will have a bumper sticker that says that as well.dog with rump facing camera[/su_animate]


3. The Terminally Lazy

Ah, the passion was there to slap that bumper sticker on the car when the election was heating up in September and the presidential fervor was in full swing. But come November, when the leaves have started to fall, this person can't seem to find the energy to scrape the sticker off. Often, they couldn't find the energy to vote either.[/su_animate]


cute wrinkly dog laying down


4. The Angry Loser

Okay, this person is focused on the results of the election. But, unlike the Bitter Loser, this one wants to distance themselves from their former-candidate. The removal of the sticker is an act of closure and a means of dealing with said anger. Just don't ask them where their sticker went.  

Chihuahua with scoul expression


5. The Neat Freak

As the name suggests, this person does not like having untidy things, like bumper stickers or even parking passes, on their car but because they’re a good voting citizen, they displayed a bumper sticker for at least Election Day. However, since the polls are closed and they are no longer influencing anyone, it's perfectly patriotic to remove the sticker, right?[/su_animate] dog holding toilet plunger in mouth next to a cleaning bucket standing on scrub brush



6. The Hipster

This person doesn't so much take their political stickers off, as covers them up. Now that the election season is over, it's time to add a new layer of stickers to the back of the old Jetta comprised entirely of bands with three word names or weird animal-adjective combinations.


hipster dog wearing black rim glasses in front of a laptop  

These six archetypes are, of course, extremes. Most of America falls somewhere in the middle and we can all agree—a political bumper sticker should be treated along the same rules as disposing of Christmas trees. While the Christmas tree should be dragged to the curb by New Year’s Day, the political bumper sticker should probably be gone by the Inauguration.