Protect the Integrity of Your Business With Custom Hologram Stickers

by Maverick Label | March 21, 2014

Protect the Integrity of Your Business With Custom Hologram Stickers

Whether you are in the market to sell computers, music, or laundry soap, you cannot afford to allow copies and counterfeits to steal your business and destroy it. Theft causes millions of dollars in losses to businesses each year, and especially in a struggling economy, no one can afford to allow shrinkage to destroy profits. Counterfeit products produce almost as much damage as theft by destroying the integrity of the business. Hologram stickers that have been custom printed for your brand or company can offer protection by preventing replication or alteration, avoiding theft with tamper evident seals, and building consumer confidence.


What Makes Holographic Labels Safe?

A hologram is a three-dimensional image that is made with a laser. As the image is tilted, the object in the picture changes position and orientation as if it were a real object rather than a flat image. Some holograms are patterns rather than images, and some holograms use patterns to hide the image so that it is not visible to the naked eye and must be read with a laser or some other type of scanner. Holograms may also be used to store information that can only be interpreted by a laser, such as movies or music recorded on a Blu-ray disc.

Because of the difficulties involved in copying holographic foils, custom hologram labels are an inexpensive but very effective way to verify authenticity. Many companies that create holographic labels allow the companies to provide their own unique artwork or brand images, providing custom stickers with tamper-proof security.

Another safety feature of most hologram stickers is that they are created to be tamper-proof. If an attempt is made to peel them off of the product to which they have been affixed, the sticker comes apart and self-destructs in a way that prevents reuse. Generally, some of the holographic material will stay on the product as the rest of the sticker is peeled away, leaving a pattern of dots, checks, or even words such as “void” across the surface of the product. This makes it easy to detect tampering and prevent theft and unauthorized return attempts.

Tamper Evident Seals Prevent Theft

Using tamper evident hologram stickers can help to reduce the amount of shrinkage that occurs through theft each year. When custom artwork is placed on a self-destructing hologram sticker and affixed to packaging across openings, packaging cannot be opened and then re-sealed. If the seal were a normal sticker, it could be replicated, removed, and replaced, allowing someone access to the contents of the package. There would be no way to know when or where the theft occurred during the shipping process. Stickers are more effective and less expensive than security systems for preventing theft during shipping.

Tamper evident seals also prevent the customer from damaging the item and then returning it with the claim that the product was never opened. While dishonest appeals such as these account for a relatively small amount of loss, it is significant enough to justify the minimal cost of the labels.

How Holograms Build Customer Confidence

When a product is taken and a counterfeit used to replace it, customers may make the purchase without the company realizing that inferior products are going out the door. Either customers believe that the product is inferior and lose faith in the company, or they may attempt to make a return. Then the business has the choice to honor the return and accept the loss, or stick to return standards and lose the customer. Even if the company decides to honor the return and replace the counterfeit product with a genuine product, they are still very likely to lose the confidence and the patronage of that customer. Hologram stickers prevent this type of theft and ensure that quality products reach the consumer legitimately rather than being sold on the black market.

Items sold by counterfeiters may also be sold at a greatly reduced price, which could have the effect of making the legitimate products sold by the company appear overpriced. This can further damage consumer perception of the company and cause them to take their business elsewhere in the future.

Any company that produces a quality product wants to protect the integrity of that product and the integrity of the business. Most hologram stickers can be custom printed in a short amount of time in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, and the cost is minimal compared to the savings in theft prevention and customer confidence. Having a custom hologram sticker created for your business strengthens the faith of the customer by guaranteeing authenticity.