September Short Run Stories

by | September 14, 2018

September Adventures for

Well, as you know, we launched a new product - custom-printed packaging tape - last week. This week, the adventures continue.


Kathy, one of our long-time customer care reps, decided to leave us in August (to pursue a semi-retired life style, lucky her!), and Sadie asked to be considered for her position. Sadie's been working in Production and Shipping since June of 2017, so she's already familiar with a lot of our products and systems. She's in training now and you may be talking to or chatting with her next time you contact us. Here she is working with Scott to learn more of the ins and outs of Customer Care.

Jim at Santiago de Compostela


Jim (also in Customer Care) was out for a few weeks, hiking around Spain. He and his significant other walked from Bilbao along the coast to Llanes (140 miles). Then they took a bus to Lugo, and from there hiked another 60 miles to Santiago de Compostela. Here's Jim in front of the cathedral, reputed burial site of St. James. He looks pretty triumphant. I understand they had sore feet, but also great stories. And now that it's done (he's due back at work soon), I'm sure the pain has been forgotten and nothing but the fun remains - and the pictures!

Play at Work

In the interests of team building and cohesiveness, MaverickLabel sponsors a planned in-work entertainment each month, hosted on a rotating basis by the different departments. This month it was Production's turn, and they really turned it up! They created a 9-hole miniature golf course in the main suite of the office. We were all so intent on the game that we ended up not getting pictures of all nine holes, but trust us, they were all amazing!

Bunnies on carrots team 3 at hole 5 Hole 6 mini golf

And September is only halfway through! Can't wait to see what happens next.