Short Run - June

by | June 13, 2019

A “short run” in printing is a small order, say under 200 custom labels. In this context, though, short run means we’re bundling some stories together for a blog post. This June, we're talking about rainbows, bunnies, kayaking, and, well, mud.


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Rainbow banner first day

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Rainbow banner, 1 year


First up, rainbows. Or really, a rainbow update. June is Pride month, and last year one of our staff requested a rainbow banner for his car. The first image shows the day it was applied (the car surface was fresh and clean, to make sure it stuck) last June.

The second image was taken today, almost one year later. No garage, so he parks his car outdoors every day. We've have rain, snow, sleet, and lots of bright sunny days (maybe not Arizona sun, but it's been in the 90s), and not only is the banner still there, but the colors are as bright as the day it was printed.

We knew the silver stars at the start of the banner were delicate and would not last (although if you look closely, you can still see where some used to be), but the rainbow colors should be true for another few years yet. We have very durable label colors and materials here. Check back in 2020 for another update!


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Who doesn't love cute furry animals? We have a number of dogs who visit MaverickLabel with their humans on a regular or semi-regular basis, and now we have a bun-bun who comes in sometimes to brighten our days.

This is Alison's Freckles, and he has both a cute little bubble backpack and a "Mav-ebago" RV. The RV was made for him by some of the Production staff, who are talented and creative. Alison (Shipping) has set up a little maze for him in the Shipping area, where he can hide among the boxes.


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Speaking of Production, some of them made a resolution this past New Year's to take their kayaks out each month. They have so far kept that promise, although we're waiting to hear about June's jaunt still. In January, they slipped along the banks on Lake Washington in the Arboretum, in February, they hit Lake Ballinger in Mountlake Terrace, in March, they went to Silver Lake, up near Everett, in April, to Edmonds Marina Beach, and in May they took on the middle fork of the Snoqualmie River. They're not going to run out of water any time soon, though - we have tons here in the Pacific Northwest!

And Mud

2019 Tough Mudder Course

Last year, we shared a short story about Scott and Jim running the New York City marathon. Marathoning is not really the craziest thing these two friends do, though. They also run the "Tough Mudder Classic" - it's an 8-10 mile-long course with 25 obstacles to overcome, and this year they're running the one in Whistler, B.C. It's this coming weekend, so they'll be out Friday to get up there and get ready. The course looks insane, but they are veterans of this sort of thing. This run will mark Jim's 12th mudder run and Scott's lucky 13th! We wish them luck (and lots of soap afterwards).