February Short Run

by MaverickLabel.com | February 22, 2018

In printing, “short run” means a small custom order. In this context, though, short run means we don’t have enough for a full blog post on one subject, so we’re bundling these together. Short post for a short month!

Wow, it’s been a busy week here at MaverickLabel.com! In addition to our normal production schedule, we’ve also been:

Running a Contest on Twitter

This February, people who tweet #idmystuff with where they’d put their IDmyStuff labels can win a free set of our IDmyStuff labels. The contest is in conjunction with GeekWire, and there’s been lots of activity on our Twitter feed!

It was a real group effort - staff here shared ideas to get the ball rolling. Patrick (Production) let us photograph his 3D printer and his bike, as well as writing up some very funny labels, Stacy (Sales) shared images of the IDmyStuff stickers on her keys and her cat’s collar, Matt (Sales) let us place IDmyStuff on his Batman thermos, Mariner Moose, and Nuka Cola headphones, and Tristan (Production) brought in Magic the Gathering cards as well as Heroclix figures already labeled with IDmyStuff. Alanna (Helpdesk) loaned the fencing equipment and the growlers, as well as doing much of the photography.

We even have a short video about it! Where do you stick your IDmyStuff? [su_youtube url="https://youtu.be/HAXlji7xZOE" width="560" height="315"]

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Shooting Photos for a Music Industry Ad

Music production studioWe plan to have a quarter page ad in a leading music recording magazine soon, and decided to have a multi-day photoshoot to get all the images we need for that - as well as for the rest of the year. (We hope we took enough pictures!)

James (IT) is a part-time DJ in addition to his graphics and website work here and brought in lots of his studio equipment (shout out to Rayth Studios for the loan). He also convinced a friend, Jayson from Pulse Event Rentals, to bring in his lights, trusses, and other rental equipment, so we had a full-on music studio in our office space for all too brief a while. We can't say enough good things about Jayson and Pulse Event Rentals - we had a great time and got some quality shots. Alanna (Helpdesk) loaned her camera and tripod - and in one case, hands to the effort. We’re down to taking shots of the small stuff now, and manipulating images.

Expect to see some “studio” photos on Facebook and Twitter in the coming months!

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Attending Trade Shows

Seattle CannaCon 2018Matt and Scott (Sales) attended this year’s CannaCon trade show at the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle as representatives of CannaMav Labels and Packaging. Lots of visitors to the booth. Per Scott, they gave out 320 packs of sample labels, got a combined total of 49 solid leads, and went through a combined total of 125 wintergreen and peppermint Lifesavers over the three day show. Oh, and they also gave out some cool freebies!

Here Scott and Matt chat with some customers before the show got busy. Don’t you love the purple and orange of the CannaMav booth?