Short Run Stories for July

by | July 26, 2018

Tortie cat Kei$a

Going to the ... Cats?

We here at are equal opportunity animal lovers. The last few months have seen us profile four of the dogs that come to work with their humans. Today, we feature a beautiful feline who came to visit. This lovely princess is Kei$a, a 12 or 13 year old tortoiseshell kitty who lives with Tristan (Production) and his house mates. According to Tristan, Kei$a is a bit of a party cat.

cat on shoulder rainbow banner

Rainbow Banner

We celebrate other kinds of diversity, too. Last month was Pride Month, and a number of our employees enjoyed the festivities here in Seattle and in Portland. One asked about possible car “decor”. Eric (IT now, but Production once upon a time) accepted the challenge and hunted out some scrap materials to run off this banner. A perk of working for a label company - special requests like this can sometimes be granted! This one-off banner is white vinyl; the stars are silver foil. It’s holding up well against the heat and sun so far!

 Little League sponsor plaque

Little League Sponsors

Janet (Dev) lives in Lake Stevens and her kids play in Little League there. She asked if the company could help sponsor their Little League team - and of course we could! They gave us this great little plaque as a thank you!

We also sponsor the robotics team that Jen (also Dev) is involved with - and we hope to have some action shots of that robot in another Short Run piece soon.

Oh, Yeah

Some actual work-related news: We’re going to be debuting some new products in the near future. We’re pretty excited about  them, but they’re being kept hush-hush till all the ducks are in a row. Watch for new stuff within the next month!