November Short Run

by | November 20, 2017

In printing, “short run” means a small custom order. Small, of course, varies from customer to customer, but usually a short run for us is 200 labels or less. (Some of our short run products have a minimum order of 1. Hard to get smaller than that.)

In this context, though, short run means we don’t have enough for a full blog post on one subject, so we’re bundling them together this holiday week, with 200 words or less each. Short week, short post!

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Scott & Jim, 2017 NYC MarathonOur first short run story is actually about a long run – slightly over 26 miles, in fact.

Earlier this month, Jim (Customer Care) and Scott (Sales) headed out from the Emerald City to the Big Apple for the 2017 New York City Marathon, along with their significant others and a few friends – because everyone needs a cheering section! The first marathon for both of them, they finished very respectably, within a minute of each other, at 4:49:15 for Jim and 4:50:05 for Scott. (No, of course we weren’t taking bets back in the office about finish times and places. Of course not. [Julie was closest.]) Jim is the one testing his medal in this photo, while Scott just looks quietly happy. The cameras along the course did catch a few more solemn moments.Run, Scott, Run, JimNew York City was a big hit with them both, but we’re glad to have them back on this coast.

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Speaking of coasts, last week Tom (Production) caught this beautiful photo of a double rainbow over the Edmonds ferry as it arrived at the dock. The ferry between Edmonds and the Kitsap Peninsula docks just a block or two from our offices several times a day, but usually without this sort of fanfare. We do get some rain in the Pacific Northwest, but we’re grateful, because that means frequent lovely rainbows.

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And while we’re on the subject of gratitude: Just a reminder, we will be closed this Thursday and Friday (November 23-24) so we can all celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends. We’ll be back to making labels first thing Monday morning. We wish our US customers a very enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday, filled with peace and plenty – and if you want to do some easy shopping, our website is always open.