Show Your Patriotic Pride with Made in the USA Stickers & Labels

by | August 19, 2013

If you have a store or create products, you'll want to know about Made in the USA Stickers & Labels. If your product is made in America, customers want to know about it! And it is so much easier to tell them this, when there is a simple sticker or label right on the product, so they can read this information quickly as they are shopping.

Made In The USA Stickers

Many know that fewer and fewer products are Made in the U.S.A.. You used to see lots of products made in this country, and now it seems you really have to search. But some customers really try to make the effort to find those products. And customers have admitted that not only are they looking for these products, but that they wouldn't mind paying a little more if the product was American made. So stores and companies must understand just how important it is to let their customers know the origin of their products with Made In The USA stickers.

Some think that Americans are “only” patriotic on a few days out of the year – like the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving. But this really isn’t true. Lots of U.S.A. customers would be happy to support your business – if only they knew that your product was made in this country! And keep in mind that not only do U.S.A . customers look for these products, but tourists look for them as that perfect souvenir of their travels. They want to bring something home from the country they have just visited. And what could be better than something that was made in the country they have just spent their vacation in? So many like it when you show a little patriotic pride – whether they want to bring it back to their home on Main Street U.S.A.  or whether they want to bring it back to their own beautiful part of the world.

Perhaps you are a business owner or company who thinks “its no big deal” that your product is American made. So you don’t see the importance of putting stickers or labels on your products. Your sales are good, your company is doing well. Why should you add another sticker and have staff spend time adding these stickers? Let's ask you a few questions:

Wouldn't it be great to inspire other businesses and companies to create American made products?

What if your sales could increase, as customers choose your product over one not made in America?

For many customers, finding American made products is a high premium. Wouldn't you want that customer to be more than satisfied, knowing that your product is also Made in the U.S.A.?

Made in the USA Stickers and Labels Tips:

Here are some of our favorite tips to use Made In The USA stickers and labels. They will help you add them to your products in the best ways.

Some wonder where they should put a Made in the USA  stickers or labels. The best place to put this information is either a) near the price tag or b) near the sizing information. Especially if it is clothing, customers will often check the size of the clothing and then also check the price tag. Our best tip: if you are selling clothing, consider using both Made In The USA stickers and tags so that customers will see this information on the label for your product and also on the product tag.

Don't “only” add Made In The USA stickers and label to your products, counting on it to let customers know your products are made in America. You'll want to share this information with the public. Let the stores that sell  your products know this information in a memo. Send  out a press release to the media. Add this information to your website and also to your company letterhead and business cards.

Its easier than ever to let everyone know your products are Made in the U.S.A.!