Simple Tips about QR Barcodes

by Maverick Label | January 23, 2014

As technology changes, so does the way we interact with the world. This is especially true when it comes to things like marketing and advertising. With every new technological advancement comes another opportunity to engage with potential customers. The best and brightest in every industry, be it commerce, education, and even those within the art world, must keep up with advancing technology in order to reach as many people as possible. One way to accomplish this is through the use of QR barcodes, which can drastically change the way customers interact with businesses.

 What Are QR Barcodes?

Also known as quick response codes, QR codes allow anyone with a mobile device to receive additional information on a range of things, from consumer products to movies and other works of art. Much like the UPC codes found all over grocery stores, QR codes contain information that becomes available when the code is scanned.

QR codes can give consumers a variety of information related to a certain product or service. This can include things like links to websites, restaurant menus, videos, and just about any other type of information that could influence a purchase. The versatility of information offered by QR codes is far beyond that which is offered by your standard barcode, which is only capable of accommodating small bits of information related to pricing and inventory. Conversely, QR codes are capable of holding more information, making them ideal for the purposes of marketing.

 Meeting the Needs of Informed Consumers

 It's no secret that consumers have become far savvier in recent years. In the past, the preferred method of advertising was to simply present products to consumers for their approval. This was a marketable approach when print and TV reigned supreme, but thanks to the advent of the internet, this advertising scheme is no longer as effective. More and more, traditional advertising is over looked by consumers when given the option.

 Because of these advances, those interested in attracting prospective customers must take advantage of new opportunities. QR codes effectively meet the needs of the informed consumer by offering a range of information related to a product or service. QR codes also allow businesses more access to consumers by giving them the opportunity to sign up for things like newsletters and other updates. Whereas marketing was before confined to only certain media, marketing opportunities can be had practically anywhere, thanks to the use of QR codes and associated content.

 Beyond the Typical Applications

QR codes hold a number of uses outside of marketing. Creatively minded people from a variety of industries are using these codes to change the way people interact with their daily surroundings. One such example comes in the form of a restaurant that utilizes QR codes in place of waiters. Each table is outfitted with a code that brings up a menu. Patrons select their item online, where it is then transmitted to the kitchen. Once the order is complete, patrons are free to retrieve their item from a counter.

 Another creative application QR codes is the QR cup. A popular beer maker incorporated a QR code into a drinking glass as a promotional buy. When the glass is filled the code becomes visible, and once scanned the code engages in simultaneous tasks, such as making updates to social media, as well as launching a video and transmitting invites for your friends to join you. QR barcodes have also been incorporated into clothing, works of art, and a few brave souls have even deigned to get QR code tattoos.

 Codes can also be used for educational purposes. In an effort to engage students on all fronts, some schools are incorporating QR codes into lessons. QR codes have applications all over classrooms, from homework and note taking to things like presentations. By keeping up with advancing technology, schools can better appeal to children, many of whom are well-versed in mobile devices at an early age. Also related to education, many museums have discovered the benefits of QR codes. Relevant information about a piece of art or artist can be made readily available to all patrons, which can greatly complement the traditional museum experience.

 There's No Telling What the Future Holds

 As expressed by the above examples, QR codes offer a multitude of uses relevant to both consumers and businesses. Through this technology, customers can be better informed, and business owners can communicate with those interested in their products in a way never before possible with traditional advertising.