What’s in a Name Tag? A Lot, Actually

by MaverickLabel.com | May 19, 2014

What’s in a Name Tag? A Lot, Actually

Planning an event requires a strict attention to detail. In addition to the food, entertainment and logistics, there are a thousand little specifics that must fall into place. Organizers may need to consider signage or transportation, for example. A key component of any corporate event is the name tag. At a conference, seminar or even networking event, a name badge is an integral part of helping participants enjoy their experience. Here are six reasons to use name stickers at your next professional event:

  1. Memories Aren’t What They Once Were

There are several things that occur as we age, and one of them is memory loss, even forgetting simple things. In fact, according to scientists, “blocking,” or the feeling that you know something but simply can’t think of it, is actually a very common memory problem and not always an indication of a bigger issue. Failing to recall someone’s name can happen more frequently as you get older. A name tag spares an individual the embarrassment of forgetting someone’s name in a social or professional setting.

  1. It Helps Avoid a Mistake

Calling someone the wrong name can be extremely embarrassing, especially at an event with your professional peers. With a name sticker, there is a constant reminder of the individual’s name, position or business, which not only helps to make instant connections but also prevents someone from making a mistake.

  1. It Makes Networking Easier

Events that are intended to bring people together can pose a problem for those who are shy or otherwise a little socially awkward. A name badge that correctly identifies someone may ease the tension of a situation. Consider using custom-printed stickers that include a few jumping off points for a conversation in addition to an individual’s name, such as:

  • A home city
  • The individual’s profession
  • The person’s role at the conference or seminar

Some event organizers even have a little fun with name badges and include a fun fact that can serve as an ice breaker, such as a favorite food or sports team.

  1. It Keeps Track of Participants

Want an easy way to figure out if everyone has showed up for your event? Lay all the name tags on the registration table so participants have to pick up one before heading inside. While you will probably have a master list going at the same time, a table with just one or two badges left is a quick and easy way to see if someone is missing.

  1. It Helps to Identify Key People

A mark of a successful event is that the people involved know where to go when they need help. Name badges are an easy way to distinguish presenters, organizers and participants. Consider using different color tags depending on the individual’s role at the event. For example, key organizers may have red name tags so they stand out to someone who needs help or guidance.

  1. It Makes Things Run More Efficiently

Many corporate events feature small group sessions that typically require at least five or 10 minutes of introductions and then re-introductions when people cannot remember someone’s name. A badge can cut down the amount of time it takes to get to know someone’s name. The sticker is an instant reminder of the individual’s name and perhaps other information that may be pertinent.

 Useful Tips

 Once you have made the decision to order customizable name tags, it is important to do it right. Follow a few key guidelines so you can really reap the benefits of the name badge:

  • Print the name clearly and in large font for ease of reading
  • Make sure you have name spellings correct to avoid confusion
  • Have extra blank badges on-hand in case someone has been left out or received the wrong badge

There are some programs that allow you to upload lists and print the badges from there. This can make the process incredibly easy, but it does leave some room for mistakes. Make sure you go over every name to ensure that first and last names have not been transposed and all the information is correct.

Name badges are an essential part of any professional event. They enable participants to network with ease, avoid embarrassing situations and identify the right people should they need help. For your ease, we  can do custom printed badges and make sure you order a few extra blank ones in case you need them.