Why You Should Have Weatherproof Labels

by MaverickLabel.com | March 10, 2015

Weatherproof labels broaden your label applications and possibilities. Any surface that is exposed to sun, water, or extreme temperatures, requires special consideration for your labels, but these same surfaces have exciting possibilities. Regardless of the specific reason you use weatherproof labels, they expand your potential to advertise and distribute information. These labels have the potential to help your business so much that it is difficult to function without them. Five of the most common reasons business owners use weatherproof labels are discussed here.

Flaming basket ball weatherproof label on car trunk

Outdoor Promotional Labels and Signs

Make your business easier to see from the road with promotional labels and signs. Advertise special sales, and attract attention through your signs. For most companies, an appealing, visible sign is one of the best marketing techniques possible, bringing in more business per dollar spent than most other marketing plans. Effective promotional labels and signage attracts attention of passing drivers and makes your business easier to find for those who seek you out. Few businesses can survive competition without maintaining weatherproof signs.

The materials for promotional labels and signage vary, but one popular option is vinyl labels that permanently adhere to a surface. These labels work on most surfaces, and they are known to last for many years. Whether you are adding a new company sign or updating an existing one, vinyl labels dependably holds their colors so that they make you look good.

Window Decals and Signs

Place advertising decals in your company car windows, post hours of operations in the storefront window, and otherwise give important information to customers. These permanent signs are often made of polyester, and can be clear or set off by a white or colored background. They attach to the window using adhesive is on the print side of the label, so that they are read through the glass. Decals give you the opportunity to use your glass space in advertising and eye-catching ways. Otherwise, the glass is only wasted space. Professional decals and similar signage are popular for dispensing simple information about your business.

Equipment Labels

Any equipment used outside, or that is exposed to sun, water, or extreme temperatures, does better with a weatherproof label than an indoor label. For this purpose, businesses usually use permanently adhesive vinyl that they stick directly to the equipment. Any instructions or other marking of the equipment should be done in this way in order to preserve them. Companies that either produce or use equipment should strongly consider using weatherproof labels.

Retail Display Cases

Your retail display cases are generally not exposed to outdoor conditions, but they are regularly exposed to cleaning agents. Any notices or labels you want to show on your display case should be made out of a weatherproof material, such as polyester. Custom design your labels into any desired shape or size, and affix them to your case in order to dispense the important information your customers and employees need to know. With the help of weatherproof labels, you can stop cleaning off your own labels whenever you wash fingerprints and dust off your case.

Warning Signs

Nearly every business has need of warning signs to protect employees, customers, or the general public from potential hazards. Any surface that is outside, or exposed to water and chemicals, should have a weatherproof label. Properly placed warning signs allow you to protect the people you have a responsibility to keep safe, and it lowers your risk of liability. Do not make the mistake of assuming that a weathered, beat-up warning sign is as effective as a weatherproof sign that holds up to time and use. For temporary hazards, such as a wet floor, the labels can be placed directly on moveable signage. When dealing with equipment or other permanent potential hazards, the labels should be placed in a permanent, visible location where those affected by the risk can easily see the label.

Cost Effective

There are many reasons that different companies use weatherproof labels, and chances are strong that one or more of these reasons applies to your business. Weatherproof labels make sense as a valuable tool. They cost a little bit more than indoor labels, but considering the necessity of keeping the labels in good condition, it is a necessary expense. The cost of replacing less-durable labels every time the weather destroyed them would quickly become more than getting the best label for the job. If you have any questions about the type of label that is best for your unique application, contact a sales associate for help.