Why Have Seasonal or Special Edition Labels?

by Maverick Label | May 10, 2018

What's the Point of Seasonal Labels?

Some manufacturers and small business owners use packaging that incorporates their branding and labeling. That works for many products, especially for very well-established brands. But when you want to differentiate your product from others, modifying your product’s decoration is one easy way to change things up. Want to grab attention? Use seasonal pressure-sensitive labels on your product to make it look fresh and bright.

Boost Seasonal or Promotional Sales

Most shoppers make their purchasing decisions within the store, at the shelf level. Labels that suit the current time of year or big event (think Super Bowl, World Cup, Olympics) can spike sales during that season. In addition, people shop more during certain holiday seasons - Christmas is the standout in this regard, but Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day, Halloween, Back to School, and others can be big sales opportunities. (As can "pumpkin spice" season, apparently!)

Seasonal labels allow you the flexibility to quickly change designs or promotions. They also give you another method to track your customers’ preferences and buying patterns.

Save Money

Many seasonal labels can be made in “short runs” of under 200 labels (some of ours are available in runs as short as one label). If you plan ahead, you can create different “versions” within a large label order to make seasonal labels at the same time as you make your regular labels. In additional to having your seasonal labels on hand prior to the season, versioning may also make it more affordable.

A Quick Overview of Versioning, or Lots

Versioning or lots
Example of full-color label lots. Same shape, material, and size. Graphics and text may vary.

With a number of label product lines, you can order one large order and have it split up into smaller lots. The label lots must all use the same shape, size, and material. Text and graphics may vary.

As to color, you have two options, depending on the process you choose. With a spot color process, all the labels in the entire run must use the same 1-3 colors. With the full color process, colors may vary between lots. The labels shown above are full color labels.

Grouping your labels into lots in this fashion can save you money. For example, with full color process labels, one order of 9000 labels in 3 lots is 11% less expensive than ordering 3 different lots of 3000 labels each, all else being the same.

End-User Benefits

Labels designed for specific holidays or events can help your customers by eliminating the need for special gift wrap. They can pick it up the day of the event - maybe as an impulse buy - and their gift is good to go. If you incorporate a gift label section on the product label, you make it even easier.

Another fun way to use seasonal labels is to make your label a collectible or special edition one. Craft brewers frequently issue special edition labels for their unique seasonal beers. (See Limited Edition Beer Labels or Top 19 Pumpkin Beer Labels for some examples)

Special-issue labels can also extend the life of the product label. A collectible, seasonal image themed around spring and motherhood can continue to sell your product through Easter, Mothers’ Day and after, for instance.

Stacy, our sales rep who works with Eternal Essence, wants me to tell you that (1) she loves these labels and the colors he chooses, (2) the customer is one of her all-time favorites. In addition, she would like to pass along a printer's tip: The material used for these labels is silver bopp. The material is covered with opaque white, except for the silver flower design on each label (in the image above, it shows up best in the darker colors at the bottom). Graphics, text, and color are then overlaid, giving a little bit of flash and the impression of a foil label. Silver bopp is a pretty cool material.