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by Maverick Label | September 27, 2018

Your Account

The first time you order (or save a quote or a cart) from, we ask you to create an account. Your account gives you the ability to easily:

  • check current order status, tracking info, and order dates
  • look up previous orders, view proofs, and see past quantities ordered
  • place repeat orders
  • print out receipts

In addition, you can manage your account info, view any saved quotes or carts, add or remove addresses from your address book, and other functions from within the Your Account module.

Account Creation

account creation screenWhen you create an account, we request some basic information. All fields marked with a red asterisk are required. The green notes and numbers in the image shown here will not appear in your Account Creation screen; I’ve put them there to call attention to particular fields.

  1. By default, the email address you enter here will be your user name for the account.
  2. Enter a password. We recommend that you make your password longer than 7 characters and that you use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters, but it is not a requirement.
  3. If you are not in the US, please change the country selected - this will change the states (or provinces) available to you in the "Select State" drop-down list.
  4. We use an address validation program to check addresses for completeness and correctness. It catches many typos and other errors. In some cases though - homes in new subdivisions, for instance - the address validation program will not find the address you have entered, and will attempt to correct it to the closest it can find. In this case, please check this box and enter your correct address.

Once you’ve created your account, you may return to it at any time by using the “Account” link in the header on every page in the site (to the right of the logo). Your Account contains six separate sections: Your Orders, Account Information, Tax Exempt, Address Book, Saved Quotes, and Saved Carts. We’re going to talk about Your Orders and Account Information today.

Your Orders

Search & Notification Center - Your Orders

If you have a dedicated sales rep, their name and contact info will appear in the gray box at the upper right of the “Your Orders” section. Otherwise, you will see the MaverickLabel CustomerCare team contact info.

All your orders should appear in this section, regardless of whether they have just been placed, or are in process, shipped, or delivered. You can search orders by order number, job number, or any customer part number you assigned to them in the checkout process. You may also search by date or date range. There’s also a check box ("Show me only active jobs") that you can use to omit all completed jobs, so you only see the ones still in process.

When you find the job you want to check on, you will see a four-column setup (see below). On almost all orders, there will be an image of your label proof in the first column. (An image may appear there even if you did not request a proof.) The "Click to enlarge" link underneath the label image will open a larger version.

Your Account - Order DetailsThe second column will contain your job ID and order number, the quantity ordered, and the price.

The third column has the order date, the estimated delivery date, the proof status, the order status, and a link to the job details. The details in this column will change as your label order moves through the order process.

The last column has buttons for further actions. This always includes a Reorder button and a Print Receipt button. If your package has been shipped but not yet delivered, there will be a Track Package button as well.

The data in the third column is most frequently updated. It’s where you can find out the status of your currently active orders. There are two lines to watch here: Proof and Status.


When you have a proof to approve, a notice to that effect will appear above the search line, with a link to the proof. (For an example of that, see the image under "Your Orders" - there's a notification of proof availability there.) At the same time as the proof notification appears in your online account, you will also get an email detailing what you need to do, with a link to the proof. You may approve the proof either from the email link or the link from the Your Account > Your Orders screen. Proofs may have the following states:

  • blank - A digital or printed proof is not offered with this particular product line. No wait and no approval required.
  • Not requested - You checked the “No Proof” option when placing this order. No wait and no approval required.
  • Not yet available - You have asked for a proof and we are working on making it (available within 24-48 hours of your request, depending on complexity).
  • Ready for approval - The proof is ready for you to check it over. We cannot move forward till you have approved it or requested changes. We also send you an email with this information and a link to your proof. (Note: Failure to approve your proof in a timely manner will move the delivery date out to a later date.)
  • Change requested - You checked over your proof and requested changes to it. This status will change to “Ready for Approval” again when we post the new proof. You will receive a new email with a link to the new proof when it is ready. Requesting changes to the proof may also cause the estimated delivery date to shift to a later date.
  • Approved - You approved the proof and your label order is moving ahead in the process; it should soon be marked as “Printing” or otherwise in process in the Order Status line.

Order Status

The order state may change quickly, depending on the order's current stage as well as the order itself. We monitor some product lines more closely than others and they may have more stages, so you may briefly see status lines other than the ones listed below. The typical order states include:

  • File Preparation / Prepress - Your order is in prepress or proof creation, or we may be waiting for additional elements (you submitted the order, but someone else will be sending the artwork, for instance).
  • Proofing - We have created the proof and are awaiting your response to it, or are responding to a request for changes in the proof.
  • In Process / Processing / Printing - Your label order is being prepared or is queued for printing, is on our presses, or is being embossed, cut, laminated, etc., depending on your order.
  • Post Press / Pre-Shipping - Your labels are in QA or other post-production stages (for instance, if you requested the labels as separate pieces rather than on sheets or rolls, or wanted them bundled in packages of 100, that is being arranged), or the order is being boxed and otherwise prepped for shipping.
  • Shipping / In Transit / Shipped - Your label order is either waiting for pickup or is already on its way to you. At this stage, you should receive an email with a tracking number that you can use to follow the shipment. The "Track Package" button should also appear on the "Your Orders" screen.
  • Delivered - The carrier has marked your label order as delivered.

Account Information

You can update your account login and password in the Account Information section of Your Account. You must be logged in to change any of these elements. If you have forgotten your password, you may request a reset using the “Forgot Your Password?” link on the login screen.

The first section here includes name changes (first name, last name, company name) as well as your user name. Your default user name is the email address you entered when creating the account, and we do recommend that you keep that, but you may change it if you wish.

In the second section, you may update your password. A good password is at least 8 characters long and contains a combination of letters (both upper- and lower-case), numbers, and special characters. We do not require anything other than at least one character, however.

Next time, we’ll discuss some of the other functions available to you in Your Account.