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Design Smackdown: AI vs. Professional Design Services for Product Labels

Ai generated label design

The Opening Act: AI’s Impact on Design Explored

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) has begun to brush its digital fingers across every form of creativity, the realm of label and sticker design is no exception. 

This promising technology offers fascinating capabilities but comes with its fair share of quirks. In this light-hearted showdown, we’ll explore whether budding entrepreneurs and established businesses should rely on AI to whip up their product labels or stick with the nuanced touch of professional design services. 

So, buckle up as we unpack the amusing, and sometimes bewildering, world of AI-generated designs versus the seasoned craftsmanship of professional designers.

Understanding AI in Design

What is Generative AI Imagery?

  • Generative AI refers to the technology that uses machine learning models to create new content—from existing data. In design, this technology produces new designs from vast datasets of visual content.

Capabilities of AI in Label Design

AI tools in design are praised for their speed and cost-effectiveness:

  • Rapid Prototyping: AI can generate multiple design options in seconds.
  • Cost Reduction: Generally cheaper than hiring a designer, making it a low-cost alternative for startups.
  • Always On Duty: AI doesn’t sleep, which means it can churn out designs at any hour of the day—perfect for those midnight bursts of creativity.

Humorous Examples of AI Quirks

While AI can be incredibly useful, it sometimes misses the mark in ways that are both hilarious and perplexing:

  • Extra Fingers: Imagine a chic bottle label that mysteriously features six-fingered hands holding the product.
  • Spelling Blunders: A health drink label where the fruits are spelled as “bannana” and “strawbarry.”
  • As you see in the following images, “Grandpa’s Chair” is misspelled, “Lavender” looks good but it’s misspelled at the very top, and then “Smooth as Butter” has the t and th are combined.

The Case for Professional Design Services

Expertise and Creativity

Professional designers bring a depth of expertise that no AI can match:

  • Tailored Creativity: Designers craft a story that fits your brand like a glove.
  • Industry Knowledge: They understand market trends and consumer psychology, creating strategically effective designs.

Customization and Brand Alignment

Professional designers ensure that designs align perfectly with your brand’s identity:

  • High-Level Customization: They interpret nuanced brand values and translate them into visual elements.
  • Consistency Across Media: Designers maintain brand consistency across various platforms.

AI vs. Professional Design – A Detailed Comparison

Similarities and Differences

Here are some of the main differences and similarities between AI-generated imagery and professional design services:

  • Cost: AI services are generally cheaper up-front, but adjustments may increase the overall cost.
  • Time Efficiency: AI can produce designs faster but may lack the precision of professional designers.
  • Customization: AI offers parameter-based customization but lacks the human touch needed for perfect brand alignment.
  • Error Rates: AI can produce humorous mistakes due to its lack of context understanding.
  • Creative Limitations: AI is limited to what it has been trained on, whereas human designers can innovate beyond existing data.

Making the Right Choice

When to Consider AI and When to Go Professional

Choosing between AI and professional services depends on your specific needs:

  • Use AI When: You need quick, basic designs for prototypes or are on a tight budget.
  • Choose Professional Services When: Your project demands high-quality, unique designs that reflect your brand’s core values.


Navigating the choice between AI-generated designs and professional design services doesn’t have to be daunting. 

By understanding the strengths and limitations of each, you can make an informed decision that best meets the needs of your business and your brand.

Still weighing your options? Reach out to us at Maverick Label  for a personalized consultation, or take a look at our portfolio to discover how our professional design services can enhance your product’s appeal and set it apart in the marketplace.