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Benefits of Polypropylene Tape vs. Water-Activated Tape

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Customer experience is vital for company growth and success, meaning it’s important to make every effort to ensure people have a positive impression of your brand. One huge asset organizations of all sizes can use to boost user engagement is packaging tape. It may seem like the tape your business uses to seal product boxes isn’t that big of a deal, but it can make or break some customers’ interactions with your brand.

If your package arrives either broken or in rough shape, then the tape may have something to do with the damage. You need strong and reliable packaging tape that can not only deliver boxes in top-quality condition but also help raise your brand awareness through branded design. Good thing you’re in touch with Maverick Label — a company that can bring you tape that serves both roles.

But before ordering, you must know what type of packaging tape will work best for you. Here’s a rundown of our two tape options.

What Is Polypropylene Tape?

The first choice of packaging tape available to you is polypropylene tape, a clear and versatile packaging tape that provides resistance to water and other liquids and can withstand high temperatures. This type of tape is the standard choice in packing tape for a reason: It seals well to most paperboard products, is more moisture resistant than paper tapes and is less expensive than other options.

The most common use of this type of tape is for packaging boxes being sent out to clients, but you can also use it to keep items safe. Custom polypropylene tape can wrap around pallets and stacks in addition to sealing for extra security. This works so well because the tape has a low stretch factor that holds boxes and pallets in the correct shape without them falling apart or getting damaged.

For businesses wanting to customize their tape with personal branding — an effective way to advertise your company — polypropylene tape is great to design on.

On top of all of those benefits, polypropylene tape is also very easy to apply. Here’s how to do it smoothly:

  • Ensure your tape is lined up correctly: If you customize your tape with your logo or specific branding, make sure it lines up with where the sealant will be cut off. Also, keep your line of tape straight to cover the opening of the box.
  • Stick the tape down: Once you have the tape lined up, you’ll want to slowly secure the tape against the cardboard box to keep it from getting messed up or stuck together.
  • Remove air bubbles: After the tape is completely secured, flatten it to remove any potential air bubbles. Now you’re ready to send!

What Is Water-Activated Tape?

Water-activated tape is similar to polypropylene tape, but it’s made from 100% recycled and repulpable material and is great for sealing corrugated boxes. With this style of packaging tape, you can choose from either Kraft or white paper that’s reinforced with fiberglass strands. Choose this type of tape if your business mainly sends products in corrugated boxes, as water-activated tape is used best with that type of package.

If you’re hoping to put your branding on your sealant, then you’re in luck. Water-activated tape can be customized with any design of your choice to help advertise your company.

One of the biggest differences between our two styles of packaging tape is the application process. Although polypropylene tape is a bit easier to apply, water-activated tape isn’t very difficult if you follow the necessary steps:

  • Ensure your tape is lined up correctly: If you customize your tape with your logo or specific branding, make sure it lines up with where the sealant will be cut off. Also, keep your line of tape straight to cover the opening of the box.
  • Wet the unprinted side: To use water-activated tape you must apply water to the non-printed side. You can do this manually by using a wet sponge or damp rag.
  • Stick the tape down: Once you wet the correct side of the tape, slowly lay it over the opening of the corrugated box. As you do this, make sure enough water is used to ensure a permanent bond between the tape and the box. Once the wet tape is stuck down, it will penetrate the box material and keep it in place.

Why Is Packaging Tape Essential

Small businesses need recognition and proper use of branding can do the trick. When you print your logo and company name on your packaging tape, people will instantly recognize your brand and associate it with a great customer experience. You can also promote your products or website on custom packaging tape or use custom tape to celebrate and announce business milestones, anniversaries or other special events and or promotions.

On top of being an effective marketing tool, proper packaging tape also ensures that your customers receive their packages in acceptable condition. By making sure the package is secure, you’ll be delivering the best possible type of package to your customers.

Choosing the Right Tape for Your Business

For both of these tapes, the most common use case is packaging products or other shipments. The main differences between the two are that poly tape is easier to use and less expensive, and water-activated tape is recyclable and uses water to activate the permanent stick. How you make your decision is up to you — but either way, you’ll be getting a quality product that highlights your brand.

When you make the move to order your tape, there are some vital pieces of information to keep in mind:

  • You get to use three printing colors: Choose up to three of our 15 available ink colors to match your company’s logo or artwork.
  • Make artwork the right size: Your design choice for your customized tape must include a ⅛” print margin with no bleeds. And the maximum length for this piece of art is 9”. Check out our template for a smooth ordering process.
  • Simple is better: Depending on your brand’s logo or your choice of tape design, it’s often more effective to keep it simple because the tape makes the design a repeated pattern.

Be a Maverick and order your tape today.