Do You Need IDmyStuff or Club-Valet Labels?

by Maverick Label | April 20, 2018

IDmyStuff or Club-Valet? has two different divisions for individual label sets, Club-Valet®, aimed at golf enthusiasts, and IDmyStuff®, for pretty much everyone else. There are similarities between these two products, but there are also some significant differences. Which one is right for you?

Both products:

  • Include free shipping to US addresses;
  • Are $9.95 a set, and eligible for volume discounts (3-9 sets are 20% off; 10+ are 30%);
  • Work great on flat surfaces or smooth curves;
  • Include a space for a free custom message, such as “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations on your graduation!”;
  • Are made of sturdy material that resists fading and moisture;
  • Have an aggressive adhesive that sticks tight after curing (some IDmyStuff labels have been in place for 10+ years);
  • Display 3 lines of text, with up to 30 characters per line - plenty of room for contact information;
  • Include rounded corners to resist peeling;
  • Have a glossy polyester laminate finish for additional durability;
  • Come on a synthetic liner (rather than paper) so they are easy to remove from the backing;
  • Are available for bulk order personalized for your group, business, or organization (contact CustomerCare at 1-800-537-8816 for more information).

The differences between them mostly come down to the number, size, and color of the label sets.


Club-Valet label sheet
24 labels - 16 slightly taller and 8 slightly longer

Club-Valet® label sets contain 24 labels in 2 different sizes - 16 are 2 1/16 inches long by 1/2 inch tall and 8 are slightly longer and shorter, at 2 3/16 inches by 3/8 inches. These sizes are great for running along the shaft of a golf club (or a golf umbrella, on those perfect Pacific Northwest golf days!) as well as on bags, tags, and other equipment. There’s enough in the set for all your clubs and some additional gear.

Club-Valet colorsClub-Valet® labels are currently available in two colors - silver text on black labels and gold text on black labels. The label material is a metallized vinyl with black ink. Customers have requested labels in reverse colors (black text on either silver or gold labels) and we are planning to add those to the product line in the near future. (Ed. note: Inverse colors are now available!)

We recommend that you wrap the Club-Valet® labels down the shaft of your golf clubs rather than around it. A longer label allows more room for your contact information, so it’s more legible. In addition, labels wrapped down the shaft tend to stay in place longer, are easier to read, and wear better than those wrapped around the shaft.


IDmyStuff label sheet
29 labels - 7 jumbo, 16 large, and 6 slim

An IDmyStuff® label set contains 29 labels in 3 different sizes - 7 jumbo (2 1/2” x 1/2”), 16 large (1 7/8” x 3/8”) and 6 slim (3 7/16” x 3/16”). These sizes are useful for all sorts of different items. Slim ones fit well on sunglasses, fishing rods, headphones or microphones, for example, while the large and jumbo are excellent for camping gear, camera or sound equipment, tools and toolboxes, and computer hardware. Some of our customers put their FAA number on the label and use these to identify their drones!

IDmyStuff colorsIn addition to having 3 different sizes, IDmyStuff® labels also come in 9 different colors. You have your choice of white text on black, blue, red, apple-green, lavender, hot pink, or teal labels, or try out our new high-contrast colors of black text on white or bright yellow labels (also in response to a customer request). The material is an ultra-durable white gloss vinyl with the same glossy polyester laminate used on the Club-Valet labels.


Want bright colors, or a label set you can put on a variety of differently-shaped items? Go for IDmyStuff®.

Need all your labels to be slightly larger, or in sophisticated black & silver or black & gold? Club-Valet® labels are the ones for you.