Little Bottles Pack Powerful Aromas

by Maverick Label | December 12, 2019

And we think their full-color labels set them apart in a beautiful way!

Eternal Essence Oils

It’s the time of year we start thinking about presents, family visiting, warm and cozy interior spaces. This season, we’re going to spotlight some of our customers whose products can help you with all these things. 

Full color range on these bottle labels

We’re leading off with Eternal Essence Oils, maker of over 90 different essential oil fragrances. We’ve manufactured their labels, through our custom full-color product line, for a number of years. During that time, we've have seen them grow from just a few aromas to the vast number they have now. 

Their design and branding allows a small amount of the silver material to glint through, providing a metallic look without the expense of using foil. Labels for their original oil fragrances tend to be one color, plus black and white, over silver BOPP.

Lot Variations

As the Eternal Essence Oils fragrance line expanded, they created more colorful labels that are more reflective of the bottles’ contents. The full-color line allows for beautiful gradients.

Four examples of EEO's full color labels

Eternal Essence Oils uses our “lot variation” option to order. Because they use the same material and sizing - with the only changes being color and text - they can combine all their labels. They get a price break for this larger order. 

In addition, we finish these elegant full-color labels with a matte laminate. This gives them more protection against wet hands or accidental spills, as well as a nice subtle sheen.

EEO orders labels in two different sizes, for their 10ml and 30ml bottles. Ordering two sizes, even when the container difference is as small as 20ml makes the best sense; your labels look better when you size them specifically for the containers. 

The oils are for external use only, but the possibilities are endless. They have a lot of different “recipes” on their blog page - salts and scrubs, creams, soaps, and potpourri, among others. I’m not particularly crafty, sadly, but even so, some of these really spark holiday gift ideas or ways of making the house smell nice when family and friends come over. 

Check out their holiday posts from last year for more ideas, or see them all on their blog.

You can order individual bottles or sets of 2, 3, 6 or more fragrances from their Amazon store. There's some great aromas for the holidays. They even have 16oz industrial sizes for those with really big families. And for those already missing summer, there’s the Tropical or the Island Getaway sets!