Guide to Parking Permits

by Maverick Label | April 23, 2012

Most schools, non-profit and/or commercial organizations, society and/or social groups, residential communities, and more have some sort of parking permit program allowing employees and visitors to park their vehicles in designated parking areas. Parking programs also help to strengthen security by monitoring vehicles as well as people entering and leaving.

Parking PermitsThe parking permits are typically issued by the residential or commercial property owner and entitle the permit holder to park their vehicles in specified areas. Thus, parking permits assist all types of groups, including: office employees, residents (apartments, condo owners, etc.), students, fire / police / other municipal workers, caregivers, hospital employees / visitors, as well as countless others.

Types of Parking Permits

Hang Tags – Parking Permits “Hang tags” are parking permits typically are hung from the rearview mirror of a car, truck, or other motor vehicle. Hang Tags are ideal for persons with multiple vehicles, as they can easily move from one automobile to another. Hang tag parking permits from MaverickLabel.Com come in several sizes and varieties, and they are printed on durable plastic, so they withstand the heat and sunshine so as not to fade. Order Hang Tag Parking Permits Now

Window Stickers / Decals – Parking Permits Parking stickers / decals are parking permits that can be applied to the inside or outside of automobile glass or applied to outside mirrors. Window sticker parking permits come either on a clear material with face adhesive or static cling (static cling labels only stick to the inside of your vehicle without adhesive), with cling on face – your choice. These parking permits are ideal for inside or outside use. Order Window Sticker Parking Permit Decals Now

Bumper Sticker / Rearview Mirror Decal – Parking Permits Bumper sticker parking permits / rearview mirror parking permits are for printed on durable outdoor white vinyl material, with permanent adhesive – for protection against the outdoor elements. Typically printed with larger numbers, so they can be seen from a distance, bumper sticker parking permits are intended to be used on the outside rear (bumper, back window, etc.) of your vehicle. Rearview mirror decal parking permits are typically applied to the outward-facing side of your rearview mirror. Order Bumper Sticker or Rearview Mirror Parking Permits Now

Parking Permit Options

Once you have decided which type of parking permit you require, it is time to consider other variable options for your particular parking permits.

Shapes, Sizes, Colors Parking permit hang tags and parking permits are available from MaverickLabel.Com in many shapes, sizes, and color options. Some parking permits are small in size, to fit on the back of a rearview mirror, while others can be quite large – so they can easily be seen from a distance. The shapes range from square to rectangular and run vertically or horizontally. Color choices are up to you, as you can pick from 25 available ink choices.

Logo, Numbering, Dates Add your company or school logo for a professional touch or to enhance branding. Choose a unique font to further enhance the overall look-and-feel of your parking permit design. You can also add the month or year of validation for your parking permits, as well as sequential numbering or even personalization.

Materials Hang Tag parking permits from MaverickLabel.Com come on a durable, long-lasting white plastic. Inside window sticker parking permits / decals come on either a transparent polyester or static cling material. Our bumper sticker parking permits are printed on a white outdoor vinyl, and our rearview mirror decal parking permits are printed on a durable white vinyl material. You can also choose a reflective material to be applied to your parking permits, which is ideal nighttime identification.

Parking Permits with Barcodes Barcoding on parking permits allows the parking permit to be read by a barcode scanner. This is very helpful for security and quick identification purposes – as well as for entry into parking lots with swipe machines.

In short, parking permits from MaverickLabel.Com are available in dozens of different size and configuration options to help you find the perfect fit for your parking needs – all with up-front pricing and no up-charges for logos or artwork. For further information on our parking permits offering, please visit today.

Mark Trumper – CEO