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How Do Security Labels Work?

Security Labels Tips and Tricks

Security labels are important for protecting your products and assets, especially perishable groceries, books, CDs, and high-volume items. These labels come in two main types: tamper-evident and anti-forgery/anti-counterfeiting, each offering unique benefits.

Types of Security Labels

Tamper Evident Labels

Tamper-evident labels are crucial for products like perishable groceries and high-volume items. They reveal any attempt to tamper with the label and come in two main variants:

Destructible Labels

These labels on groceries are hard to remove because they break into small pieces. This makes them effective in preventing item swapping and detecting actions that void warranties or signal sabotage.

“Residue” Labels

These labels are good for books and CDs. When you take them off, they leave a mark, which makes it difficult to tamper with them without anyone noticing.

Anti-Forgery / Anti-Counterfeiting

Anti-forgery labels are crucial for products like electronics and high-value items. They contain features that are challenging to copy or replicate, making them essential for protecting against counterfeiting.

Holographic Labels

Holographic labels are great for electronics, DVDs, and valuable items because they have hard-to-copy security features.

Labels That Protect Your Assets

Understanding how labels function enhances the protection of your valuable products and assets. This is particularly important for high-value, high-frequency RF items. If the possibilities of security labels intrigue you, request free samples to explore their effectiveness firsthand.