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Top Five Uses for Asset Tags

Top 5 Uses for Asset Tags

Asset tags are labels designed to be placed on items of value. Use these tags to identify and keep track of your personal and business property.

Applying asset tags to your possessions is a simple, yet highly effective means of preserving your valuables. They serve other purposes, too. Here are the top five common uses for asset tags.

Equipment Tracking

Businesses commonly use asset tags, in conjunction with a database, to keep track of their tools, equipment, and electronics. This helps you allocate or designate locations for items, as well as keep track of retirement or replacement dates. Asset tags can also help to remind you of upcoming service contracts, expiring lease / maintenance agreements, and more.

Loss Prevention

Expensive items like laptops, phones, and audio/video gear are now more portable than before. Marking equipment and tools as company property clearly reduces the likelihood of someone taking them. Things can easily get lost or confused without asset tags and a tracking database. This can occur even if someone doesn’t steal them.

You can use our materials for both indoor and outdoor equipment, with flexible labels or strong adhesive. You can also choose tags that leave residue or easily break into pieces for tamper evidence when removed.

Loss prevention asset tags

Item Recovery

You can easily identify and return lost or stolen items marked with asset tags to the rightful owner.

Reports & Records

Most banks require you to show proof of business assets when applying for loans. An accompanying database of your tagged assets provides quick and easy proof of your company’s valuable equipment.

We have special tags for tracking assets. One tag goes on the equipment and a smaller tag with just the number goes on physical records for easy reference.

Visual Cues & Brand Awareness

As more staff work from home, asset tags distinguish company-owned assets used at home from personal assets.

For this purpose, we mark the more expensive assets with numbered and barcoded asset tags. This aids in inventory and tracking. We tag the less expensive accessories (mice, keyboards, cases, speakers) with a simple “Property of Maverick Label” sticker.

If your items are out in the public sphere, tagging them with your logo and company name also increases brand awareness.

Configure your tags in a multitude of different ways. We use quality, long-lasting materials like aluminum, anodized metal, metalized polyester, and tamper-resistant stocks. Have a slick or curved surface, or need rugged tags for the outdoors or other harsh environments? We have the material for you.

You can add barcodes, serial numbers, text, and your company logo to our asset tags at no extra charge. With our online design, you can order yours in minutes.

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