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Weatherproof Label Materials

Weatherproof label in the snow

Weatherproof, waterproof, dishwasher safe, oven safe – do you need labels that can stand up to tough conditions? Maverick Label offers a wide range of extremely durable materials that won’t fade or peel off in even the toughest conditions.

These label materials are perfect for industrial applications, outdoors, vehicle decals, hospitals and more. Learn about which materials are perfect for each environment and how you can choose the best weatherproof label for your project.

Weatherproof Label Uses 

These durable labels have many different uses and can be applied to a wide range of surfaces. Let’s go over the most common applications and the reasons why weatherproof labels are perfect for demanding conditions.

Outdoor Promotional Labels and Signs  

Attract more customers with durable promotional signs and labels. Brand awareness and visibility is a vital part of many companies, and you need to make sure you’re investing in materials that will last. Effective promotional labels and signage attract the attention of passing drivers and make your business easier to find for those who seek you out. Few businesses can survive competition without maintaining weatherproof signs.

Equipment Labels 

Any equipment used outside, or that is exposed to the sun, water, or extreme temperatures, does better with a weatherproof label than an indoor label. These types of labels can withstand all kinds of environments and stay looking great for years. These are great if you need to add warning signs, instructions, or additional markings to any kind of equipment that will be exposed to the elements. Another popular use for equipment labels is in marine activities– Boats, ramps, docks, etc. Equipment labels will last in the face of sun exposure, saltwater exposure and more!

Warning Signs 

Nearly every business has a need for warning signs to protect employees, customers, or the general public from potential hazards. Any surface that is outside or exposed to water and chemicals, should have a weatherproof label. Properly placed warning signs allow you to protect the people you have a responsibility to keep safe, and it lowers your risk of liability. Do not make the mistake of assuming that a weathered, beat-up warning sign is as effective as a weatherproof sign that holds up to time and usage. For temporary hazards, such as a wet floor, the labels can be placed directly on moveable signage. When dealing with equipment or other permanent potential hazards, the labels should be placed in a permanent, visible location where those affected by the risk can easily see the label.

Indoor Applications  

Certain products or environments may not generally be exposed to outdoor conditions, but they may be exposed to cleaning agents, regular washing, oven temperature, etc. Even though a product or environment may be indoors, that doesn’t mean a regular indoor label will be the right choice. Weatherproof labels aren’t just “weatherproof”, they’re oven proof, dishwasher proof, cleaning agent proof, and more!

Maybe you make a product that is meant to go in the oven? These labels are oven safe. What about a product that regularly goes in the dishwasher? Yep, these labels are dishwasher safe too! These types of labels are also used in hospitals and healthcare settings where equipment is regularly being cleaned with harsh chemicals.

Material Breakdown 

We offer a variety of materials and adhesives that are weatherproof. Here we breakdown the different materials and potential applications for each of these materials.

Vinyl Durable – Standard or Removeable adhesive

This material is a Vinyl that comes in a variety of colors. We offer both standard 4-mil adhesive, which is a permanent pressure sensitive adhesive, or Removable 4-mil adhesive, which can be removed from most surfaces with no residue and without the aid of chemicals. Vinyl with permanent adhesive is rated for 3–5-year outdoor durability, and the removable adhesive is rated for 6-month outdoor durability.

Common uses: hazard labels and warning signs, outdoor promotional labels, equipment labels, warning signs.

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Transparent Polyester  

This material is a clear see-through poly with a permanent, pressure sensitive adhesive. The adhesive can be placed on the front or back of the label, depending on if you want the label to be read through glass or if the label will be placed on the product. White ink is automatically added for free when using transparent materials.

Common uses: Messaging to customers, dry and refrigerated display cases, window decals, car and equipment decals

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Polyester – Elephant Grip

This 2-mil polyester has an extremely aggressive clear, permanent adhesive on a heavy paper liner. The adhesive is well suited for hard to stick places and is an aggressive adhesive that should only be used in permanent applications. This polyester is rated for 2-year outdoor durability.

Common uses: equipment labels, warning labels, outdoor applications.

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Vinyl – Destructible Reflective 5 mil  

This vinyl provides tamper evident protection. Once applied this vinyl cannot be removed in one piece and provides evidence of tampering. This has a permanent adhesive, and the vinyl is highly reflective for applications that require high visibility, both day and night. This is rated for 7-year outdoor durability.

Common uses: tools and machinery, rental equipment, electronics, equipment used in dark environments.

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LexSaver®plus is a Maverick owned, specialty product that is resistant to heat, tearing, abrasion, and stretch. The UV resistant polypropylene coating has an embossed velvet texture that is ultra-durable and is rated for 7-year outdoor durability.

Common uses: outdoor applications, hospital and healthcare, construction equipment, and power tools.

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Anodized Metal 

This is a very long-lasting material that can withstand the toughest environments both indoors and outdoors. This is the material we recommend when your labels are exposed to direct sunlight, salt spray, high temperatures, cleaning solvents, or continuous abrasion. Made specifically for these conditions, it will not crack, chip, or peel over its useful life. This material is rated for 20-year outdoor durability.

Common uses: hospital equipment and tools, outdoor machinery, industrial applications.

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When you need more from your label, Maverick Label has the materials and adhesives you’re looking for. We have options for virtually every need and will do our best to make sure you select the right material for your job. If you ever have any questions about materials or what kind of label you need, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].