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Take Your Product Labels to the Next Level

Product labels on jar

Are Your Labels Lacking Impact?

Do you ever look at your labels and wonder if they could be better? Have you visited a store lately and noticed that your product blends in with all the other products on the shelf? Maybe you’re considering taking your labels in a new direction, but want to start with baby steps.

Things that you can do won’t add much cost to your order but can make a label more attractive. Consider these five tips for taking your labels to the next level.

Tip #1: Add Bling with Metallics

Foil product labels

Next level: Bling – Royal Bee label

Silver Bopp material with white, black, and transparent gold spot colors, matte laminate

Adding a touch of metallic to your labels is a next-level option. Foil adds color and shine. Our foil product line lets you use colored foil over a label for a double metallic effect.

On a budget? Many people use silver Bopp material and leave areas in the artwork where the silver can show through. If you don’t think silver goes with your label design, you can add transparent ink over the material for a richer look. Gold is particularly nice, as shown in the Royal Bee label.

Tip #2: Use Interesting Shapes

Die cut product labels

Next level: Shape – Plushberry label

Silver Bopp material with white, fuchsia, teal, and gold spot colors; matte UV laminate

You can add die cuts for a slightly different shape to your label. It can be a slight curve on the label or a unique label that looks like a flower. Want a rugged look? Add ragged edges to your label as a die cut.

You can have cutouts and sometimes even colored windows on the label. Usually, we don’t charge more for die cuts unless they are extremely detailed. Note: Avoid sharp corners in your cut; these may tear more easily when you place them.

Tip #3: Add Some Texture

Kraft paper product labels

Next level: Texture – Woodlands syrup label

Brown kraft paper with red and black spot colors, no laminate

Texture can take your labels to the next level. You can add texture in several ways. Choose a textured paper such as our estate papers, linen weave, or soft touch. Kraft paper adds texture as well as an eco-friendly homespun look.

You can also add an illusion of texture by choosing deckle or ragged edges for your label. Embossing costs more but adds texture, elegance, and a luxurious feel to your labels. In addition, we have some cool specialty materials with micro-textures.

Tip #4: Laminate Your Labels

Process color product label

Next level: Add laminate – Zhi Tea label

White paper with a four-color process, matte laminate.

Add a laminate or varnish, or change the laminate you’re currently using. We have many options: high gloss, gloss, matte, diamond dust, spot varnish. Many of these add protection as well as sheen.

You can apply our diamond dust laminate to specific areas or the entire label, adding a shiny touch. (Two “next level” options for the price of one!)

Note that although gloss is the most commonly selected laminate type, matte has a charm of its own. It creates a calm and peaceful appearance, softens colors and materials, and makes reading easier by reducing glare.

Tip #5: Talk to Us

We offer a lot of products, materials, and laminates on our website. It can be confusing for someone who doesn’t know labels like we do. Our Customer Care reps know these details inside and out. They can tell you what would work for your artwork, your vision, and your labels.

If you have questions, want specific samples, or would like help defining what would be best for your product, call us at 800-537-8816! You can contact us through email at [email protected].

Alternatively, you can chat with a representative on any page of MaverickLabel. To initiate the chat, simply click on the “Chat Now” icon located at the top right corner of the screen. The chat service is available between 6 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time.

Elevate Your Labels Today!

By implementing these simple tips, you can transform your labels and make them truly stand out. Don’t settle for ordinary