Why You Should Have Golf ID Stickers

by Maverick Label | June 08, 2020

Reasons to Use Golf ID Stickers

ID label on golf bagGolf is one of the world’s most pleasurable pastimes, and for better or for worse, it is also one of the most expensive. To pursue golf seriously, players need a huge amount of equipment, plus club memberships. They may also transport their gear to courses around the country. All of this can add up to thousands of dollars. It makes sense that these players would spend a tiny fraction of that amount to properly label their clubs and other gear with ID stickers.

The whole concept of identification labeling is an old one. With the invention of self-adhesive stickers, it became possible to label almost everything and anything under the sun. You may have noticed when a friend or relative first purchased a label maker, because the next time you walked into their home, everything had a little label sticker. This can be quite amusing, but there are many items that should be labeled, such as expensive personal golf clubs.

Keeping Track of Clubs

You can lose your golf clubs any number of ways:

  • Left behind in a hotel room,
  • Misplaced in a timeshare or vacation home,
  • Stolen from an unattended bag,
  • Lost in baggage claim in an airport, or
  • Fallen out of a bag on the links.

No matter how well a person keeps track of his or her equipment, clubs can be misplaced. Label your golf clubs with your name and number! You will have the security of knowing that if your club is lost, you have a much better chance of getting it back than if it was unlabeled.

High Quality ID Labels

You may be tempted to make your own labels. If you do, you will soon discover that stickers you can make yourself are not made of a high enough quality material to withstand the rigors of golf. A good label:

  • Easily adheres to the metal shaft of the club without peeling away.
  • Is large enough to display all relevant information clearly, but small enough to not scream "clunky ID label" on your expensive equipment.
  • Can handle being jostled by other equipment in bags and in storage.
  • Can withstand moisture, heat, or other conditions without blurring, fading, or falling off of the club.
  • Looks attractive even after a number of years.

The best solution by far is to order professional labels. Our golf ID labels are inexpensive, and they match the style of the sport itself. The label is discreet and will only be noticed when the club is inspected closely. It will not make the club appear any less finely crafted, but will provide some protection in the event that it is lost.

A Gift a Golf Lover Will Appreciate

custom ID stickersIf you are trying to find a useful and thoughtful gift for the golf lover in your family, consider purchasing customized club ID labels. Giving customized stickers as a present shows your understanding of their interests. It is sure to be a gift that is appreciated every time the recipient goes to the links and pulls out a club. Your friend may even get inquiries from other golfers as to where he or she acquired such great ID labels.

Our golf label kits contain enough in one set to label an entire bag of clubs, with some left over for other equipment and devices. You can choose between black text on a gold or silver background, or gold or silver text on a black background.

On the other hand, golf bags are getting more colorful these days. If you want ID labels that match your golf bag, we have IDmyStuff labels in a dozen colors. One of the 12 colors is bound to go well with your clubs and other stuff. They have the same quality materials and adhesives as our golf labels. Note: The layout of the two sets of labels is slightly different.

Other Golf Organization Tips

Now that you understand how important it is to keep your golf clubs labeled, you may want another tip. While you have likely studied swing techniques and other game winning strategies, you may not have considered the importance of keeping a well organized bag.

Professional players count on being able to go to their bag and find just the club for the shot. But many amateurs simply throw in their gear every which way. Most golf bags are divided into sections. These different divisions should be used to organize club types, starting by placing the longest club in the back and working your way forward until reaching the putter, or shortest club.

An Organized and Identified Bag Helps Relax the Mind for Play

With a little bit of organization and of course, freshly applied ID stickers, you can concentrate on your game. You won't be worrying about where your lost club is, or where in your bag you have placed your four-iron. Don't go to your golf course again without taking some precautions with your valuable clubs. Order high quality, personalized ID stickers and apply them today!