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Back to School in Style with ID Labels from IDmyStuff®

ID Labels on school supplies

Prepare for the new school year by gathering supplies for your kids to be ready for the upcoming academic year. Whether it’s elementary, high school, or college, the list of required items can be extensive and expensive. That’s why it’s essential to safeguard your investment with personalized ID labels from IDmyStuff®.

The Versatility of IDmyStuff® Labels

IDmyStuff® offers a standard combo pack of 29 stickers in three different sizes – large, medium, and slim. These labels are perfect for a wide range of items, from pens and paintbrushes to phones, laptops, and other equipment.

The best part? These items have strength and you can wash them in a dishwasher and use them in a microwave. Good quality vinyl makes them and a shiny coating covers them. They won’t lose their color easily. 

ID Labels for School and College

For elementary and high school students, ID labels are incredibly useful for distinguishing personal items from school-owned equipment. They are also great for after-school activities and events such as “Wheels Week” or scouting. 

College students can also benefit from IDmyStuff® labels, especially when sharing living spaces. You can use these labels on personal care products, sports equipment, and art supplies. They are also helpful for ensuring the quick return of lost items on campus.

Customization and Endurance

Choose from 12 colors and add up to three lines of text to personalize your IDmyStuff® labels for a unique touch. They are made to endure daily use, making them a cost-effective and durable option for labeling your things.

Final Thoughts on ID Labels

With the new school year fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how to protect your investment in school supplies. ID labels from IDmyStuff® provide a practical and stylish solution for keeping track of your belongings. With their durability and customization options, these labels are a must-have for students of all ages. Order now and ensure your items are easily identifiable throughout the school year.