Back to School with IDmyStuff®

by Maverick Label | August 15, 2019

Getting ready for back to school? By now I'm sure you've received a list from your school district outlining what your kids need to be prepared for the new school year. Or are they heading off to college? These supplies can be a significant expense, so safeguard your investment with some personalized ID labels for all that new gear. IDmyStuff® has what you need.

IDmyStuff® Takes You Back to School in Style

The standard combo pack for IDmyStuff® labels has 29 stickers in three different sizes, large (7), medium (16), and slim (6). You can label everything from pens, paintbrushes, and tablet styluses to phones, laptops, and bigger equipment with them. These must-haves are only $9.95 per sheet; order 3 or more for volume discounts. Shipping to US addresses is free.

IDMS labels are durable, dishwasher- and microwave-safe, and made from a premium outdoor vinyl with a high-gloss laminate coating. They are also fade-resistant and can stand up to some abrasion. While we don't recommend them for use on clothing, we've had moms tell us that they've put the labels on jacket or coat tags and had them stay in place through laundry cycle after laundry cycle.

Elementary or High School

ID labels come in very handy when you have a mix of personal and school-owned equipment. Have your own hockey stick, but the pads are the school’s? Make it clear with a label on the stuff that’s yours. If your school has “Wheels Week,” stick an ID label on your student’s bike, skateboard, or scooter (as well as helmets and other safety gear) for easy identification. Same thing for Scouting equipment or other after-school activities.


College students sharing a suite with others may want to put a name label on their razors, electric toothbrushes, shower flip-flops, and other personal care products. Sports equipment at this level becomes much more personal, too. If everyone dumps their gear in a big pile after practice, it’s so much easier to sort out when your stuff is labeled. Our IDmyStuff® labels also work well for art supplies, from sketchpads to paintbrushes to canvases.

So Many Choices

12 colors of IDmyStuff for back to schoolThere are three lines for text, with up to 30 characters per line. Most people use for those for name, phone, and email. For school-age kids, consider using those lines for student name, school name, and homeroom number or teacher name. This is particularly helpful if your child is too young for a cell phone or if the school doesn't allow them. Anyone finding a lost item on school grounds can return it quickly to someone in charge, and your child will get it back right away.

These labels will stick, so for older students, they could go through all four years of college (and on into grad school) with the same identification stickers!

We offer 12 different colors. Most of the labels (red, blue, black, pink, lavender, teal, apple-green, dark green, orange, and purple) have white text. Our white and yellow labels have black text for high contrast and better readability. The label may not exactly match your school colors, but with so many options, one of them may come close! (The most common school colors are red and blue, followed by purple, orange, and green.)

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