Custom-Printed Packaging Tape

by Maverick Label | May 26, 2020

brand packages with custom tapeCustom-printed packaging tape allows you to brand your shipments. Advertise your company name or logo while protecting your packages. Give your customers a preview of the package contents on the outside - fun and playful or serious and businesslike - while providing additional visual appeal.

If your company is like a lot of businesses, you’re doing much more shipping these days than this time last year. Make your packages special with branded packaging tape!

With ecommerce increasing and unboxing still a big deal, branding your packages just makes sense. Packaging tape allows you to brand any shipping box quickly and easily and adds to the overall appeal of the package even before it’s opened.

It's more economical too, and quicker and easier to change with the seasons or for special events or promotions.

Special Uses:

  • Don’t limit yourself to just boxes – wrap a line of poly tape with your message around pallets and stacks, for instance.
  • Change your message on a seasonal basis – unused custom tape is easily stored for use again next year. (Plus, more people than usual may be ordering online for Halloween, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and other celebrations this year.)
  • Celebrate and announce special anniversaries or events - “30 years” or “1990-2020” for example.
  • Promote other products, sales, events, or your website.
  • Create an emotional connection by thanking your customers.

Paper Tape

Paper packaging tape Paper tapes comes in white or natural brown

  • Our sturdy paper tape is eco-friendly and recyclable.
  • It is reinforced with fiberglass strands that can reveal attempts to open the packaging.
  • You can choose 1-3 colors from 15 standard colors, or use your own PMS values.
  • This tape is water-activated and bonds very tightly to the packaging. (Note: It should not be stored in a damp location!)
  • The tape will fit in standard water-activated dispensers, or you can wet it manually.
  • The rolls are coreless.
  • Each roll is 125 yards (375 feet or 114.3m) long.
  • There are 8 rolls per case; minimum order is 5 cases.

Polypropylene Tape

Clear & white polypropylene tape Polypropylene packaging tape comes in clear or white varieties

  • Our white or clear poly packaging tape is 2-mil pressure-sensitive polypropylene.
  • It is more moisture-resistant than the reinforced paper tape.
  • You can chose 1-3 colors from 15 standard colors or use your own PMS values.
  • The tape has a 3” core and will fit in 3” tape guns.
  • Each roll is 55 yards (165’ or 50.3m) long.
  • There are 24 rolls in a case; minimum order is 1 case.

Packaging Tape Design Tips

Here’s some simple things to consider before setting up your artwork and sending it in to us!


The print area for both types of tape is 2.75” by 9” with 1/8” gap between the repeats. Consider dividing the 9" section into two or three sections for smaller artwork or different messages. Use our handy template to see how it looks before sending it in! Note: All colors must be solid (no screens or gradients) and vector art is preferred for best print results.

Consider Your Package

Color: Brown or white boxes, or something more exotic? This may affect your design and your material choice. With clear poly tape, you can use the color of the box as an additional color in your palette. The white or brown background of the box can provide additional impact with other tapes.

Size: Will it take less than than 10-12 inches or tape to seal the box, or more? This may determine the size of your design on the tape - for shorter lengths, perhaps 3 repetitions of your design in the 9” area would be better than one large one. For longer stretches of tape, one repetition would be more readable and grab more attention.

Orientation: Do you plan to wrap tape around a large item like a pallet? You might want a large horizontal design, running parallel to the ground, for easy readability. Or is the tape going to go on a tall box with the seam along the long side? A horizontal design would be great here.

Your Design Elements

  • Do you have a square logo, or is it longer than it is wide (or vice versa)? This may determine whether you place it horizontally or vertically on the tape. Remember that diagonal is an option as well.
  • Do you want a single repeating logo, or would you prefer a more varied pattern of elements? If using logos or text, be sure to give them appropriate white space.
  • Remember the tape may be viewed from all angles, so it might be nice to make it readable from all sides. Diagonal or "head to toe" placement of the elements is effective for this.
  • Make it stand out - think of interesting things to do with it - seasonal designs, or a celebration of special events or promotions. Or thank your customers with every package.

You can make your package even more special by including branded stickers or other free gifts!