Using Integrated Labels

by Maverick Label | January 24, 2019

What Is an Integrated Label?

Easy-peel integrated labelIntegrated labels are a mash-up of a regular piece of paper and a label (or labels). Each sheet has an integrated liner that allows for easy label peel-off, but they are only a few microns thicker than a normal sheet of paper. This means you can easily run them through laser or inkjet printers without jamming or sticking.

You can use them as a combination of a packing slip or invoice with a shipping or return label. Depending on the template selected, there’s plenty or room for notes, policies, or return instructions. These labels help streamline your shipping processes and speed your packages on their way, because you don’t have to switch paper or printer trays or collate labels with the items to be shipped.

With integrated labels, you can

  • work with greater efficiency
  • save money (toner and ink cartridges costs alone may recoup your investment!)
  • have fewer errors - no more trying to collate the packing slip with the right label

Get your integrated label sheets blank, or save the cost of colored ink by having them customized with your logo, contact info, return policy, etc. Then all you have to do is print your variable data (customer address, product details) as needed.


[caption id="attachment_3892" align="alignleft" width="232"]custom printed integrated labels This packing sheet is custom printed in blue and black. Customer data is added as needed.[/caption]

Many companies just use integrated labels for their packing slips, so that the packing slip and the shipping label are on one sheet. Others contain a packing slip, a shipping label, and a return label. The varieties are endless - be creative!

We use both blank and custom printed integrated labels in our business. For instance, if you request a sample label on our web site, that info is entered into a database. We have a program that sends it to a laser printer with a tray of our custom-printed integrated labels. It prints out a return letter with a single peel-off shipping label. This letter includes information about the requested labels.

Kira, our sample room coordinator, checks the letters, pulls the samples you want, and packs them for shipping. She peels the label off the letter, slaps it on the package, and places the letter inside with the samples. This way, the information about what is requested and where it should be sent is never separated. It can go through a number of hands and still remain, well, integrated.

Our regular packing slips are frequently printed on integrated labels, too, although we don’t use the peel-off labels for shipping. Instead, we use them for following the order all the way through our process; the small peel-offs usually have a barcode and other tracking information.

Shipping Software Integration

The best integrated labels are compatible with a large number of shipping software solutions. Our integrated label sheets work with more than 25 different software programs, including ShipWorks®, eBay®, ShipStation® and other popular software solutions.

We have 18 different templates, with a number that meet USPS Click-n-Ship®, FedEx®, and UPS® requirements. And remember, you can flip the sheet so that the labels are at the top instead of the bottom for even more options.

To see the templates in full size, you can click on the “View detail” link on our price quoter pages for these products, or download the templates in advance.

We ship blank integrated labels within 24 business hours of the order; custom ones ship within 5-10 days. Want to run a trial first? Just request the version or versions you want using the blue "Free Sample" button on either the stock or the custom integrated labels page on our website.

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